Tallhöjdens värdshus

In the beautiful Simlångsdalen valley, there is Tallhöjdens Värdshus. This inn has unique furnishings which, along with the Halland food, make a visit a true experience.

Exquisitely located just 20 kilometres east of Halmstad, Tallhöjdens Värdshus offers authentic Swedish cuisine and tastes of Halland – boar, elder, venison, salmon, kale, etc. The ingredients are most often of Halland origin. The menu is wide and varied.

In addition to the food menus, various packages can also be booked. Examples include accommodation and activities (e.g. walking, wilderness safaris and fishing). Also not to be missed are the various drink tastings that can be booked – Swedish vodka or from, Breared Brewery, fine beers. Once again, true experiences!

A short walk from Tallhöjden, there is the scenic Danska Fall nature reserve with its wonderful flora and fauna, interesting history and several walking trails and circuits.

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