Pick your own berries and vegetables

Isn't there something special about fresh berries? Not least when you picked them yourself from our local farms. A hard-to-beat symphony of flavours and colours. Around Halmstad there are several farm shops where you can pick your own lovely high quality ingredients.

As the season approaches, you will probably be curious about where you can pick your own treats. We are happy to help you with that! For information about opening hours and whether pick-your-own is possible at the moment, depending on the season and availability. For more information visit the individual farm websites.

Fresh berries for a summer salad, breakfast on the veranda or dessert in the evening sun? Or why not just enjoy the berries as they are – better than sweets! One tip is to refill the store cupboard and freezer so that you can pick up the berries for a lovely homemade jam or pie during the winter months. This way you can enjoy locally produced berries all year round!

Stora berg självplock

Stora berg. Foto: Stora berg

Strawberries and other berries

Stora Berg

Stora Berg (Swe) External link, opens in new window., or Hallandsbär, in Getinge is a modern pick-your-own with mainly strawberries but also some autumn raspberries. Here you will be guaranteed to enjoy the rolling fields with stunning views. The pick-your-own season usually starts around the end of May or early June. Before that, it is usually open on some weekends for the sale of strawberry plants and tasting the year's first strawberries. During summer, you can also enjoy the café, which serves a berry buffet.

Hovgårds berries

Hovgårds berries (Swe) External link, opens in new window. in Söndrum is Halmstad's own local farm for fresh raspberries. As well as raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and currants are also grown here for pick-your-own during the summer. In the farm shop you will also find homemade juice and jam and other locally produced delicacies. The pick-your-own period varies depending on availability, but the first raspberries can usually be picked in early July.

Grönsaker som just skördats

Foto: Madelen, Mostphotos


Susegård Gårdsförsäljning

At Susegård Gårdsförsäljning (Swe) External link, opens in new window. in Onsjö, overlooking the open landscape, you will find various kinds of vegetables, potatoes, strawberries and flowers in summer. Homegrown of course! Depending on availability, you can hopefully also pick your own strawberries and other farm-grown products during the summer. During spring and summer you can also enjoy the garden café.

Wapnö Gård

Do you prefer organic? Then you should visit the pleasant Wapnö Gård (Swe) External link, opens in new window. – the farm with its own organic cycle. In the greenhouse, which is heated by the farm's bioenergy, you can usually pick your own tomatoes. How about sun-ripened tomatoes in a fresh salad? Mmm... hard to beat! As well as vegetables, you will find charcuterie, meat, dairy products and lemonade in the shop. All produced on the farm.

Wapnö gårdsbutik i Halmstad

More farm shops

In Halmstad, you are near to everything – fields, forests, sea and lakes. Thanks to our fantastic surroundings, we can offer a glorious selection of prime local ingredients. Embark on a culinary adventure and take in everything from farm shops and jam making operations to dairies and fishing huts. Treat your taste buds. We have collected tips about lots of farm shops on our page Farm shops with a taste of Halmstad.

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