On the hunt for the best pizza

Do you ever really get enough of a super good, freshly baked pizza? Pizza is also the perfect food to buy to enjoy a dinner out under the evening sun – perhaps on a beach with sand between your toes or in a shelter in the middle of the forest.

Stora Berg’s farm pizzeria

Stora Berg (swe) External link, opens in new window. in Getinge now has a newly opened small pizzeria, located in a rural setting next door to the strawberry plantations and the rolling fields. It is Roman pizza here that is on the menu, where the slow maturation of the dough contributes to a wonderfully tasty and easily digestible pizza. If you are fortunate to be there at the right time, you can also order a glass of their self-produced rosé wine, which is available in a limited edition.


The pizza bus, Pizzabusen (Swe), External link, opens in new window. is a Passion Project run by Magnus and Josefine. The pizzas here are always baked from fresh rye sourdough in the bus’s Italian wood oven. Swedish locally-produced ingredients are combined with the best Italian ingredients. For example, the dough is made entirely from raw materials from Halland where Börjes Konditori in Harplinge has been involved in the testing to develop it.

Pizza from Pizzabussen in Halmstad

Pizzabussen. Photo. Pamela Hanne

Leif´s Pizzeria

At Hotel Tylösand, one finds Leif’s Pizzeria (Swe). External link, opens in new window. You can luxuriate with a delicious and well-prepared deluxe pizza here with interesting toppings and tasty tomato sauces. They taste even better after a family shuffleboard or ping-pong duel. Preferably on a sunny summer day, overlooking the sand dunes and the sparkling sea.

Cyrano's pizza oven in Halmstad

Foto: Cyrano


By Norre Torg, next to Norre Port, the little French bistro Cyrano (Swe) External link, opens in new window. can be found. The most famous thing on the menu is their thin pizzas, prepared according to secret French-Provençal recipes, in a genuine wood-fired stone oven, which provides a sensational taste experience. The fact that they also prepare everything with local ingredients puts an extra spice in it!

Trattoria La Pizza

You have an Italian restaurant here serving both classics and intriguing dishes from modern Italian cuisine. The focus is on the raw ingredients, ranging from the thinly sliced Parma ham that has been stored for years, to the classic Grana Padano cheese from the Plain of the Po in Italy. This can be seen, not the least, on Trattoria La Pizza’s (Swe) External link, opens in new window. popular gourmet pizzas.

 Pizza from the restaurant Söderfamiljen in Halmstad

Pizza from the Söderfamiljen. Photo: Roger Westerberg


A small and cosy neighbourhood restaurant on Söderkaj, where the love of food permeates everything. Söderfamiljen’s (Swe) External link, opens in new window. menu varies according to mood and season, but is always filled with tasty dishes made from locally produced, organic, high-quality ingredients. The pizzas are no exception, and with each new season new exciting combinations are presented that make the taste buds cheer.

World of Riccardo

During spring and summer, Riccardo External link, opens in new window. will serve pizza, and not just any pizza. Of course we are talking about here genuine Italian pizza baked in the traditional way, in a wood oven and with ingredients carefully handpicked by Riccardo himself. For instance, the flour comes from Padova near Venice; specifically from the Quaglia family which has milled and refined flour for four generations.

Chef at World of Riccardos in Halmstad rings the bell to tell us that pizzas are ready to serve.

World of Riccardos


You will find this cosy restaurant in Steninge, located on the coastal road between Halmstad and Falkenberg. Perhaps you’d like a selection suggestion: try a “Harplinge,” a pizza with local flavours such as curly kale along with goat cheese, roasted pine nuts. and honey.

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