Harvest time in Halmstad

During the late summer and autumn, you are welcome to come to Halmstad to enjoy taste sensations that will remain long in memory. Meet farmers, food creators and food lovers who are passionate about growing, picking, preparing and serving you nature’s treasures from Halland’s soil.

Around this time we come together at autumn markets and harvest festivals, we harvest cabbage and beets, and we pickle vegetables. And we invite you to join our community to enjoy Halland’s flavours and experience the love of food made from local produce. We have gathered some tips for you. For you to get that little extra experience from harvest time in Halmstad.

 Two people with freshly harvested vegetables and flowers

Söderfamiljen invites you to harvest times. Photo: Lisa Lindström, Skördetid i Halland


Just as the name suggests, here you are met with a family atmosphere where creativity flows and the love of food permeates everything. Here you enjoy socializing, preferably across the table borders. Johanna Norström and My Djurberg, the girls behind Söderfamiljen, External link, opens in new window. find joy in creating a wonderful moment for their guests and witnessing the meeting between food and person. Inspiration for both atmosphere, decor and food comes from all over the world and they often bring with them ideas and tastes from their own travels.

The menu changes according to mood and season, but is always filled with delicious dishes made from locally produced, organic and high quality ingredients. How about meat from Wapnö, organic vegetables from Slättåkra and cheese from Kvibille? Whether you're looking for a cozy coffee, a well-composed lunch or a full evening of dinner and natural wines, you can always count on Söderfamiljen.

Get a taste of Halmstad (Smaka på Halmstad)

Here we have gathered some of Halmstad's gems under one roof with local producers and food processors in a temporary market hall where you are greeted by fragrances and warm impressions. With every bite you feel the love of the craftsmanship that lies behind the amazing flavors and you also get the chance to see and talk to the person behind the product.

Together with Halmstad Krögarförening (swe), External link, opens in new window. a restaurant square is being built with some of Halmstad restaurateurs. Take a culinary journey into the teeming restaurant square by tasting restaurateurs' signature dishes. Tasting and smelling at Halmstad is a spectacle in itself but to put more spice into the event, you are welcomed to the Food Studio to see well-known chefs challenge each other in duels and cook using personally selected ingredients.

Hands holding a basket of kale

Kale. Photo: Agneta Kristiansson


Kale has a strong tradition in Halmstad and Halland. So much so that it has been appointed our national dish.

The fact that kale has been eaten in Sweden for many years has been a well-known fact for a long time. Kale existed in Sweden as early as the 14th century and most likely even earlier than that. In Halmstad, kale is available in several locations. During harvest times, you can find kale at many food markets, in farm shops and sometimes even on autumn menus in restaurants. Here you can buy Hulken sauerkraut at PaulssonSpaleo External link, opens in new window. and at Steninge Kuststation (swe), External link, opens in new window. various kale dishes are often served. At Börjes bakery (swe) External link, opens in new window. in Harplinge you will find the delicious kale crispbread and you can enjoy Tallhöjden Inn’s (swe) External link, opens in new window. tasty kale soup all year round. The largest kale producer in Halmstad is Harplinge Kål (swe) External link, opens in new window. and you can buy their kale in several stores in Halmstad and southern Sweden.

Hafi fabriksbutik – factory store

In Hafi fabriksbutik External link, opens in new window. you will find Hafi's entire range of delicacies consisting of jams from Halland, marmalade, jelly, chutney, lemonade, mulled wine, sparkling drinks, must, dried fruit, frozen berries and much more. There is also a wide range of products that are not sold in other stores — our handmade preserved uncooked lingonberries, jams and bucket of marmalades. You can also find products at factory prices.

 Children shop in a farm shop

Vilshärad's farm shopis located in a rural location. Photo: Alexander Hall

Vilshärad’s Gårdbutik – farm shop

Vilshärads Gårdsbutik External link, opens in new window. is a cozy farm shop in a rural setting, beautifully nestled among flowering potato fields and swaying grain fields. Asparagus is one of the farm's most prized crops along with potatoes that come in many different varieties, colors and shapes. And that's exactly why this is where you should go if you know that the variety of potatoes is important to taste and character. In addition to asparagus and potatoes, the store is stocked with home grown vegetables, eggs, berries, fruits and flowers. Of course, supply varies in tune with nature, weather and demand.

Nature's pantry

During the autumn, the wild nature is also like a pantry. Head out into the wilderness and find your own favourite flavours. We have put together tips about berries and mushroom picking, invigorating hiking trails, amazing nature reserves and much more besides.

 People cook outdoors in Halmstad

Photo: Alexander Hall

Events with a taste of harvest

At this time of year, autumn markets and harvest festivals are popular gathering places. Check out the event calendar (Swe) for updates about autumnal harvest-time activities. There you will find everything from markets to tastings and courses. Be sure to keep an eye out for events such as Taste of Halmstad (Swe), External link, opens in new window. Ingedagarna open house days (Swe), External link, opens in new window. the Harvest Festival at Särdals Mill, Apple Days at Hafi and the Autumn Market in Simlångsdalen. Get ready to discover the delicious flavours of Halland and experience the love of food made from local ingredients.

Harvest time in Halland

It is not only Halmstad that invites you to festive harvest times, but the whole of Halland. During Harvest time in Halland (swe) External link, opens in new window., everything about food happens during August to October. Here you will get tips for farm shops, cafés, restaurants and favourite places, as well as courses close to nature, walking tours and activities. Welcome to explore the whole of Halland's rich range of foods in late summer and autumn.

More events

You can find all the events at any time in our events calendar (swe). Or contact Halmstad Tourist Center for event tips.

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