Harvest time in autumn

During the late summer and autumn, you are welcome to come to Halmstad to enjoy taste sensations that will remain long in memory. Meet farmers, food creators and food lovers who are passionate about growing, picking, preparing and serving you nature’s treasures from Halland’s soil.

Around this time we come together at autumn markets and harvest festivals, we harvest cabbage and beets, and we pickle vegetables. And we invite you to join our community to enjoy Halland’s flavours and experience the love of food made from local produce.

 View inside a farm shop

Photo: Wapnö farmers shop

Farm shops, local flavours and top quality raw ingredients

Embark on a culinary journey through the landscape and sample the flavours of Halland from the soil, the forest and the fields. It’s worth a day trip or two to one of our well-stocked farm shops! We have put together a list of our local farm shops and are sure that this will give rise to a loving conversation about the love of food, the raw ingredients and the products.

At harvest time, a visit to Halmstad is a dream come true for food lovers. Here you will find the pride of Halland – kale and salmon (Lynga Lax (Swe)external link, opens in new window). But not only that! Visiting a local food producer will give your taste buds a proper workout. Cheese from Kvibille (Swe)external link, opens in new window, jam and juice from Hafi (Swe)external link, opens in new window, kale crispbread from Börjes (Swe)external link, opens in new window, home-grown vegetables at Kaggagård (Swe)external link, opens in new window and Dränggård farm shopsexternal link, opens in new window, pickled kimchi from Paulssons Paleoexternal link, opens in new window, and much more besides.

And as if that weren’t enough, you can find local dairy products at Wapnö (Swe)external link, opens in new window, as well as game, beef, and lamb at several livestock producers such as Gudagottt (Swe)external link, opens in new window and Ulveredsexternal link, opens in new window. Don’t be fooled – what you see is what you get. High quality, locally grown, picked and prepared with love!

More tips regarding farm shops in Halmstad.

Hand som plockar kantareller

Foto: Mostphotos Madelen

The taste of the wilderness

Head out into the wilderness and find your own favourite flavours. We have put together tips about berries and mushroom picking, invigorating hiking trails, amazing nature reserves and much more besides. Which spot will be your favourite?

 Vegetables and root vegetables

Photo: Mostphotos Madelen

Events with a taste of harvest

Here we recommend events at harvest time as autumn approaches. Please feel free to join us again in 2020 and experience harvest time, with harvest festivals, the autumn market in Simlångsdalen (Swe)external link, opens in new window, Ingedagarna (Swe)external link, opens in new window, Taste of Halmstad, gourmet dinners, pickling, kale, Bondens Egen Marknad (Swe)external link, opens in new window, Reko Ring (Swe)external link, opens in new window, beer tasting at Halmstad Brygghusexternal link, opens in new window, harvest festival at Särdals Kvarn etc.

Harvest time in Halland

It is not only Halmstad that invites you to festive harvest times, but the whole of Halland. During Harvest time in Halland (Swe)external link, opens in new window, everything about food happens during August to October. Here you will get tips for farm shops, cafés, restaurants and favourite places, as well as courses close to nature, walking tours and activities. Welcome to explore the whole of Halland's rich range of foods in late summer and autumn.

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