Hangout venues with stimulating dining experiences

Perhaps you are looking for good food and a comfortable hangout venue? Here we come with five tips for you for places you will want to visit. Whether you’re looking for a nice garden to hang out in, conversation beyond the across borders of your table, or simply true hygge spirit – with influences from Denmark, Spain or further away Mexico.

Restaurant Hygge in Halmstad

Hygge. Photo: Daniel Börjesson


Sustainability and a relaxed atmosphere are the focus at the fascinating Hygge crêperium (swe) External link, opens in new window. in Tylösand. Sit here with your feet in the sand and enjoy exquisite galettes and crêpes, each prepared in their own very different way along with inspiration from halländska and Danish cuisine.

It’s not only the cuisine that is inspired by our neighbouring country. The phenomenon “hygge” is as Danish as smørrebrød, and can be described as a cosy and warm atmosphere in which one takes it slow, savouring the good things in life together with people they enjoy being with. It is this particular feeling that Lisette and Christian, the proprietors of Hygge, want to achieve. Both of them are equally passionate about ensuring they use only excellent quality raw materials, which is evidenced on their menu that is coloured by local food sourced from producers with a focus on sustainability. For this very reason, the menu changes as each new season arrives and the dishes are composed based on the raw materials available at any particular moment.

 The restaurant Zigge's garage in Halmstad

Photo: Zigges garage

Zigges Garage

Cozy, cosily crowded. and completely unlike anything else. At the small tapas and cocktail bar Zigges Garage (swe), External link, opens in new window. you can enjoy Spanish cuisine appetizers tapas and pintxos cooked with love along with innovative cocktails shaken or stirred to perfection. The inspiration is of course drawn from Spain, but Apostolos Kalaitzis and his staff are also inspired by the interaction that arises around the dining table.

The mood is beautifully relaxed and the decor breathes a mix of playfulness and simplicity, where old colourful oil barrels act as tables. Every Friday, an aperitivo, the Mediterranean equivalent of “Happy Hour” after work. At the bar counter, genuine Spanish cuisine appetizers are presented on large barrels and in small bowls, precisely as one would find at a tapas bar in Spain. If you visit Zigges restaurant & tapas bar during the summer months you really must finish off the evening at their rooftop bar with its beautiful views of the Nissan river, with a stimulating drink in hand.

 Restaurant Söderfamiljen in Halmstad

Photo. Söderfamiljen


Just as the name suggests, you are met here by a friendly and affectionate atmosphere in which creativity flows and the love of the food permeates everything. The guests like to socialise with others here, preferably beyond the table boundaries. Johanna Norström and My Djurberg, the young women behind Söderfamiljen, External link, opens in new window. find joy in creating a lovely moment for their guests and seeing the interaction and interplay between the food and people. Inspiration for the atmosphere, the decor and the food comes from all over the globe and they often pick up ideas and tastes from their own travels.

The menu changes according to mood and season, but is always filled with good dishes cooked from locally-sourced organic, high-quality raw ingredients. What do you think about meat from Wapnö, organic vegetables from Sättåkra, and cheese from Kvibille? Whether you’re looking for a cosy fika snack, a well-composed lunch, or a full evening with dinner and natural wine, you can always count on Söderfamiljen.

Tivolikiosken in Halmstad

Photo: Tivolikiosken


My Feldt’s colour-crackling Tivolikiosk (swe) External link, opens in new window. resembles nothing else. With a mix of Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka, a visit to the Tivoli kiosk is like sneaking into just that— a Tivoli fun fair. The equally bubbly and wonderfully quirky environment consists of everything from checkered floors and popcorn machines to pennants and candy canes on the ceiling.

The venue has both a candy maker and pizza oven, with a menu offering an organic locally-sourced delicious lunch for those who are super hungry or luscious buns and beautiful pastries for those simply craving a bit of pastry for a snack. If you only want to hang out, there’s a perfect corner for sitting and playing card games or board games together. The festive Tivoli kiosk is not only an eatery, but is also a small shop where you will find all My Feldt's items, and in 2022 the venue expects to be expanded with an ice cream parlour.

Steninge coastal station in Halmstad

Photo: Steninge Kuststation

Steninge Kuststation

With an idyllic view of the sea, you can sit in the spacious and cosy garden at Steninge Kuststation External link, opens in new window. while eating from a selection of the kitchen’s artisanal specialties: their tasty small crêpe-like pancakes. Or porridge from the one of the world’s best porridge chefs - the two-time world champion in porridge cooking. Or try their excellent kale and sea vegetable lasagne. Steninge Kuststation loves the local Halland kale and seeks to create dishes that contain this nutritious food along with ingredients such as algae and sea vegetables taken directly from the sea. The food is served with a concern for the environment, and most of it is locally produced, climate-smart and vegetarian.

Steninge Kuststation External link, opens in new window. is certified with One Planet Plate (swe) External link, opens in new window. – a worldwide restaurant campaign and certification programme by the WWF, which focuses on the promoting of reducing the climate footprint of the meal while contributing to biodiversity.

 Cafe Rotundan in Norre katts park in Halmstad

Cafe Rotundan in Norre katts park. Photo: Rotundan


At the top of the hill in Norre Katts Park sits the historic Rotundan, External link, opens in new window. the only remaining historic building in the park. The Rotunda was erected as a serving pavilion in 1865, concurrently with the first restaurant building in upper Norre Katt. The Rotunda, with its rich carpenter’s details, is the last representative of the lusthusarkitekturen (gazebo architecture) in the centre of Halmstad, and around this you will still be able to discern parts of the moat that surrounded the city until 1735.

Nowadays, during the summer months the Rotunda External link, opens in new window. is transformed into a real cultural hub. Colourful strings of lights adorn the trees and light up summer evenings. On the menu: street foods from around the world, sharing space with homemade baked goods, always with vegan options. Add beautiful views of the Nissan river, a strong summer programme with entertainment and a wide variety of live music and you’ll have a clear favourite this summer.

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