Café Lugnet Green Bistro

Café Lugnet can be reached from two directions. Walkers and cyclists can approach along Prince Bertil’s trail. Then, there is also the Tylösandsvägen road. However, the route is unimportant – simply get there!

Två wraps

Foto: Cafe Lugnet

Once there, you stumble upon a “gingerbread house”. Of the large variety. Your thoughts turn immediately to the tale of Hansel, Gretel and the evil witch. However, calm returns immediately when you walk through the door to be met by heartfelt warmth, whitewashed walls and charming furnishings that ooze a cherished past and the careful preservation of Sweden’s cultural heritage.

Vegetarian and vegan to enchant even meat eaters

The same love and attention have been lavished on ingredients. This is a café that is proud of its vegetarian and vegan menu. Yet, we promise that any meat eater will fall under the spell of their dishes. Try, for example, their wraps. Magically tasty with a wonderful heat.

There are many more good things on the menu. Both filling and sweet. If you would like a glass of wine with your choice, just ask!

Tårta av ostkaka med röda bär

Foto: Cafe Lugnet

A true oasis for everyone

On top of everything else, the small inner courtyard is a perfect place to simply enjoy life. Furthermore, any four-legged companions can take a welcome breather over a bowl of water. (For more doggy tips, please see our special guide.)

As said, Café Lugnet Green Bistro is an oasis... And a refreshing spring for thirsting gourmets who want to embark on an exploration of “green cuisine”.

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