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Several times a year, we meet profiles from the various golf facilities. This time, Mats Nordvall of Tönnersjö Golf Course is in the spotlight. Further down the page, you can read more about previous meetings.

Mats – Backing juniors, living and breathing golf

All golf clubs have at least one person who does that little something extra which builds the entire club’s ethos. Who get involved. Who see possibilities rather than problems.

In our series of reports on dynamos who burn for their golf clubs and for the game, we are now turning the spotlight on Mats Nordvall, chair of Tönnersjö Golf Course. What is it that drives him?

Mats and his first contact with golf?

“I’m a 64-year-old entrepreneur and run a family business. I started playing golf 30 years ago. First at Skogaby, then at Tönnersjö Golf Course, which is nearer home.”

“We are now living in an ‘online world’. You have to be available at all times. Life is hectic. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to be able to step back and relax. To live in the here and now. That’s why I live and breathe golf.”

Mats Nordvall och Annika Juuso

Being an entrepreneur, running a business and taking the role of chair?

“I started my company, Specialprodukter, in 1979. Running your own business requires a special drive. I feel this is an advantage in my role as chair of Tönnersjö Golf Course. I have the drive and the desire to develop, to go forwards and to do this along with my ‘club-member family’. I’ve now been chair for ten years altogether. A position of trust!”

Goals and drive to achieve them?

“Activities for juniors are very close to my heart. We need new blood and a ‘generation switch’ at several levels. Our ladies’ activities are on the up and that pleases me. I believe strongly in, and strive for, collaborations between golf clubs.”

Why the handicap system is so important to him?

“Handicap is the good thing about golf. Regardless of whether you are young or old, have one or two legs, are a man or a woman, walking or using a wheelchair, suffering mental anxieties or not, you can still have a good game with whoever you want. Or alone. And in beautiful surrounds that inspire tranquillity. It’s socially beneficial. I want to spread it further.”

Backing juniors and collaborating with Stadium Sportscamp?

“I believe that if you form an early interest, it is easier to regain this when you get older. And golf needs new blood. That is why we choose to back juniors. Our training groups have doubled! Furthermore, it’s a sport that the whole family can play together. Juniors are golf’s future.”

“New this year is Golf and Games for children between 6 and 8. However, we’re also introducing many other things too. We’re especially pleased about the collaboration with Stadium Sports Camp. A camp is being held in June and July as part of Golf Capital Halmstad. It will give 11 to 15-year-old children a chance to hone their golf and develop at their own level. It’s going to be the summer’s coolest golf camp! At Tönnersjö Golf Course, we can offer accommodation, food and beautiful golf holes.”

People getting more out of life through golf?

“Going to a golf course is always great fun. I may be stressed, but the levels drop immediately the clubs are in the bag and I’m on my way. A spontaneous game of golf is easy here at Tönnersjö Golf Course. This makes for a lot more fun. Accessibility is important.”

“Then, you also always have your golf friends. I’m in several leagues. Thank goodness there are positive leagues in golf.”

Dream person to play with and why?

“Henrik Stenson. His playing style has always appealed to me. He’s a fascinating player. I love playing with people who are really good. It makes me sharpen up my game even more.”

Best tee on Tönnersjö Golf Course?

The sixth. From there, on a cloud-free day, you can see the sea shimmering. It is an almost magical feeling. Standing high up there, simply enjoying the view... and the game. That is the ultimate. Tönnersjö is very popular. Not just because it is so beautiful, but also because the golfers sense that we care.

Another dynamo

We also had a few words with Annika Juuso, hotel and secretariat manager at Tönnersjö Golf Course. Annika ensures that everything on the food, accommodation and reception side works. Quite simply, she has her finger on the pulse.

Just as strongly as Mats, Annika believes in collaboration. Not just within golf, but also with various local companies. One of their initiatives was Discover Eldsbergabygden – a new way of collaborating, creating pride and putting the place on the map.

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