Give golf a try!

Are you ready to try your hand at golf? Halmstad, the Swedish Capital of Golf, offers a wide range of courses and activities for beginners who are curious about golf! Below we offer a few tips for those who want to try their hand at golf in Halmstad.

Book a beginner lesson

All Halmstad resorts offer lessons with licensed coaches, even for beginners. You can also book a beginner's course to receive a green card. This gives you the opportunity to become an active member of one of Halmstad's golf clubs.

 Couple playing golf at Halmstad GK

Photo: Per Nilsson


Halmstad is home to three pay-and-play courses, where you can play on the course without having to complete a beginner's course and receive a green card: Flygstadens Golf Club, Tönnersjö Golf's short-range shooting range and Strandtorp Golf Club.

In addition, you are allowed to play Halmstad Golf Arena's arena course, if you play with one of the club's members. Read more about the rules for guest players and beginners on the respective golf resort's website.

Two people launch golf balls onto the range

Photo: Per Nilsson

Training areas for every kind of golfer

Halmstad’s training areas, including the driving range and putting areas, are generally open to all visitors at all of Halmstad's eight golf resorts. Here you can try out different types of clubs and work on your putting game.

Many resorts allow you to rent or borrow equipment. Contact the respective resort for more information.

Course that plays adventure golf at Halmstad Golfarena

Photo: Martin Siljegård

Himalayas Äventyrsgolf

Himalayas Äventyrsgolf at Halmstad Golf Arena is a mini-golf course in a class of its own – a challenging course for the seasoned golfer, beginners and children alike. Unlike other mini golf courses, the surface at Himalayas Äventyrsgolf is not artificial grass, but real grass. This makes a big difference and offers a real golf experience. Come give it a try!

“Jungle Course” for the whole family

Haverdals Golf Club offers a unique experience for the whole family with its Jungle Course. External link, opens in new window. Here you can choose to play a round with a golf club, frisbee or football on a forest course over nine holes. The Jungle Course doesn't doesn’t resemble a traditional golf course, but it's fun for everyone, young and old alike!

People eating at Halmstad Golf Club

Photo: Per Nilsson

Golf clubs that offer much more than golf

Halmstad's golf clubs offer much more than just golf. Halmstad Golf Club (swe), External link, opens in new window. Ringenäs Golf Club and Strandtorp Golf (swe) External link, opens in new window. have outdoor padel courts. Halmstad Golf Arena (swe) External link, opens in new window. offers a complete training center with a fully equipped gym. You can also take the opportunity to visit the pro shops, which offer a large selection of golf and training equipment.

Feeling a little hungry? No problem. Halmstad's award-winning restaurants are well worth a visit in themselves. Some of the restaurants are open year round while some are only open during the summer. Some golf clubs offer a small café instead of a full-service restaurant. Check the website of the golf club you intend to visit for more information about dining options.

 Outdoor padel at Ringenäs Golf

Photo: Per Nilsson

Safety first

Balls and clubs can be very dangerous if they are handled incorrectly. Always keep safety in mind and follow the resort's safety instructions. Unsure of the ground rules? Ask the staff for help or play with an experienced golfer.



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