About Golf Capital Halmstad

Thanks to our thorough knowledge of golf, and eight highly appreciated facilities in close proximity to the city, the golfing world has named us Sweden’s Golf Capital. We are very proud of this. Stretching from venerable Halmstad Golf Club to innovative Halmstad Golf Arena, our offerings are wide.

Halmstad Golf Club is one of Sweden’s oldest and most prominent courses. Over the years, it has hosted several international championships. These include Solheim Cup 2007, European team championship for men 2015 and Annika Invitational 2017. Halmstad Golf Arena has been named Sweden’s best training facility and has attracted great international attention. In addition to these facilities, there are several lovely golf courses in a range of settings. These include pay and play options that make it easy for anyone with an interest to start playing golf. In total, you can choose from six 18-hole courses and five 9-hole courses.

Yet, the Golf Capital is more than just this! Halmstad is driving golf development forwards. Several young, promising prospects are growing up and constantly improving in their home city of Halmstad. Furthermore, a number of young men and women who see golf as their future are choosing to move to Halmstad to study at SGF Elitmiljö Halmstad. This is a joint venture by the municipality of Halmstad, Halmstad University and the Swedish Golf Federation. Halmstad University is also conducting advanced research into golf and maintaining good health.

In a nutshell, we are Sweden’s Golf Capital and the place where the game permeates the air all year round!

Why the Golf Capital?

To capitalise on Halmstad’s strong position in golf, Destination Halmstad started the Golf Capital project in 2012. The aim was, and is, to stimulate business tourism in Halmstad and to promote growth with, in the long run, more jobs.

With golf as the engine, and under the Golf Capital brand, growth is to be created for the entire business tourism sector. By highlighting the city’s unique and wide golf offerings, more visitors are to find their way to Halmstad. Visitors to the city are to discover and experience both golf and our other tourist offerings. Golf facilities, hotels, restaurants, museums, shops, etc. are to be able to benefit from there being more visitors. Besides attracting more visitors to the city, Golf Capital is to give more people the opportunity to discover and experience golf in Halmstad. The initiative is being led by Destination Halmstad and is being run jointly with the municipality of Halmstad and business tourism operations.


Would you like to know more or to get in touch with us? Then please contact Golf Capital’s project manager at Destination Halmstad. Alternatively, send an email to info@golfhuvudstaden.se. You are also welcome with your golf questions to Halmstad Tourist Centre.

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