Indoor fun for families

Halmstad people like to be outdoors in the countryside. However, we also have places for masses of indoor fun and games. Discover your family’s creativity, enjoy water-world adventures, take on each other at bowling, mess around at a play centre or experience the thrills of Slottsmöllan’s comprehensive offerings.

Discovering your family’s creativity

Fab Lab Halmstad is one of Sweden’s four Fab Labs. The possibilities here include: scanning and printing 3D models; cutting vinyl, wood and acrylic resin to shape; milling out and soldering circuit boards; casting silicon and metal; programming; modelling; or, simply enjoying a cup of coffee! Let your creativity flow. You pay only for the materials that you use. Children under 15 are welcome accompanied by a guardian.

At Mjellby Art Museum, there is always an artists’ corner open for children to mess around in and create their own works. Art shows for children and workshops on various themes are also regularly arranged. Additionally, Halland Art Museum holds indoor activities with children in focus.

Play centres for the very young

For the very youngest, there are two play centres to choose from. At Stenalyckan, there is Leos Lekland and at Halmstad Arena there is Busfabriken (the “fun factory”). At both these play centres, there is a separate section for the very youngest children. The play centres are free for adults and children under one year old.

For those looking for a bit calmer games, cozy reading can be alternated with arts and craft together with discovering in imaginative environments at Halmstad City Library's children's section. On the city library’s website, you can also see which activities are currently being offered.

Fun, speed and excitement

For older children, Slottsmöllan is a place with much to discover. Here, Halmstad Activity Centre offers a laser game, gladiator-like challenges, Prison Island (mental and physical challenges) and Black Pearl golf (played in a “black light environment”). For those seeking speed, Slottsmöllan’s skate park with, for example, its ten-metre wide ramp, is only one of the possibilities. Those who want engine-driven speed should put Halmstad’s Go-cart Hall at the top of their list. If you want to reach new heights, we recommend Halmstad Climbing Club. At Slottsmöllan, there is everything for a day full of fun, speed and excitement.

If your family has not yet visited the Yoump trampoline park, now is the time! Here, there is bouncy fun and the guarantee of next-day exercise aches – well, at least, for the adults.

All sorts of ball games

Paddle tennis is something of a Halmstad speciality. We have several courts, both indoors and outdoors. If you fancy a different racquet sport, there are many courts that can be booked. We have brought together all the possibilities on a page about racquet sports.

Bowling is always a fun, family activity. Everyone can join in, from the youngest grandchild to the most venerable grandparent. Choose from our three bowling venues:

  • O’Learys in the city centre. Besides bowling, the other activities on offer include shuffleboard, boule, pool and machine games (basketball, air hockey, punch ball, test your strength, etc.). You can also enjoy a good meal while taking a break to watch your favourite team winning on TV.
  • Gomidda is a sports and steakhouse restaurant in Flygstaden. It has four bowling lanes, boule, multisport simulators, darts and shuffleboard.
  • A little way inland, Getinge has a bowling hall run by Getinge Bowling Club. You can play here weekends, evenings and selected weekdays. Why not hire the entire hall for yourselves?

Halmstad Arena – swimming and ice skating

Halmstad Arena is multifunctional. Under one and the same roof, you can take a dip in the lido section’s pools or glide on the ice in the public skating sessions. Food can also be bought here. Sports matches are frequently held at the arena and there are sometimes concerts and fairs.

The leisure bank

Are you and your family keen to do activities on your own, but have left the necessary equipment at home? Then, Fritidsbanken (the “leisure bank”) is for you! It is a library that has sport and leisure gear instead of books. Ice skates, skis, helmets, ski boots, football boots, skateboards, tents, riding gear, parlour games, balls, bats, golf equipment and much more can be found here. Everything can be borrowed and it is free. Superb!

More tips for the family

Are you looking for more tips and inspiration for what you and your children can do on a visit to Halmstad? Perhaps both can be found in our guides focused on children and families!

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