5 extra playful playgrounds

In Halmstad there are several popular playgrounds that tempt to play and adventure. Some of the playgrounds have special themes. Of course, there are also swings, slides, climbing frames, obstacle courses, ropeways and much more.

Here are five favourites that suit both older and younger children with a lot of running in their legs. On Halmstad municipality's website you will find even more playgrounds to discover (Swe). External link, opens in new window. At the bottom of the page you will see a map showing the five playgrounds. Get out there and play!

Playful places in the city

Sagoängen – A fabulous playground

Halmstad's first excursion playground is Sagoängen on scenic Galgberget. The fairy tale theme runs throughout the playground with, among other things, a playhouse in the form of a large toadstool and stools that look like mushrooms and blueberries. This, together with a 40-metre ropeway, obstacle course, trampoline and a spinning carousel, makes the playground a favourite among children.

Much of the play equipment is disabled-friendly. There is also generous seating, weather protection and barbecue facilities, making it easy to stay for a full day, even in bad weather.

Sagoängen playground on Galgberget in Halmstad

Sagoängen playground on Galgberget

Norre Kat playground

In the middle of lovely Norre Katt park is this large and popular playground. The theme is Pippi Longstocking and can be found in pirate ships, ships’ chests, barrels, a swinging log and not least Lilla Gubben the horse. In true pirate spirit there is also an obstacle course with horizontal bars, climbing net and balancing line.

Around the playground and in the rest of the park there are many cosy places to lay out the picnic blanket and enjoy a snack. In summer, the café Rotundan (Swe) External link, opens in new window. in Norre Katt park serves coffee and light meals.

Norre Kat playground in Halmstad

Norre Kat playground

Playgrounds on the coast and inland

Tallvik playground

Along Prins Bertil's path and in line with Jansa jetty you will find this playful playground with two separate themes. The open part is inspired by the sea and, instead of traditional sand, the surface consists of a colourful rubber mat. There are swings, a climbing frame and a large boat with many play possibilities.

Right next door, in among the pine trees, hides the forest theme of the playground with an obstacle course made up of play equipment made of natural materials, perfect for practicing balance and motor skills. There are plenty of tables and seats nearby and even an outdoor gym.

The Bronze Age playground at Albinsro – Play and learn about history

The site's history has inspired the design of this playground, located right next to Trolleberget. There have been many archaeological finds in the area and so the playground has been given a historical theme, namely the Bronze Age. Discover exciting rock carvings and learn more about life in the Bronze Age with the aid of an information board created specially for children. There is also play equipment in the form of an obstacle course, swings, climbing frame, slide and sandbox, mostly made of wood.

Take a bike ride along the Tylösand trail, which is a 25km long cycle path in western Halmstad.

Oskarström Physics Playground in Halmstad

Oskarström Physics Playground. Photo: Anders Andersson

Oskarström Physics Playground – Discover the Laws of Physics

Combine play with learning in this playground where you can explore the laws of physics and mathematics together while having fun. And there are many play possibilities with different kinds of swings, a climbing frame, carousel, sandbox and trampolines.

There is also much play equipment to suit children with different functional variations. Don’t miss the artwork that adorns the walkway; the motif is our solar system and was created by Minna Svensson (Swe) External link, opens in new window..

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