Unique home furnishings – Flea markets and second-hand shops

Perhaps you are looking for something new for your home? Or perhaps you just need to find that inspiration that’s suddenly disappeared. Visit one or more of Halmstad’s cozy cool home furnishings shops in our countryside.

We guarantee you that you will regain inspiration along with some new items that expresses your personal taste and style. If not for your own home, then as a gift to someone near and dear.

Lamp and other furnishings at Patrik's gadgets in Halmstad

Patriks prylar

Patriks Prylar

Customers make pilgrimages to Patriks Prylar (Swe) External link, opens in new window. from all over Sweden. This unique home furnishings shop is housed in an old, rebuilt stables in Röinge, just beyond Snöstorp. You can pick your way here among eclectic offerings – old, new and upcycled. Just next door is Lindas Ekocafé, a cozy ecological café that makes the most of its glorious rural setting.

Perstorp 101

On a small farm just outside Getinge you will find a charming and unique shop: Perstorp 101 (Swe). External link, opens in new window. You will find carefully selected home furnishings interior items Here, often in dull tones and with a rustic feel, interspersed with handpicked plants and flowers. Do you need to ponder a bit before purchasing? Take a break in their small café, where a varied selection is served completely according to the season.

Cafe at Perstorp 101

Perstorp 101

Mia’s Inspiration and Home Furnishings

You will find Mia’s Inspiration och Inredning (Swe) External link, opens in new window. specialising in inspiration, in an old rurally located renovated stable, on the outskirts of Eldsberga. You can browse here among home furnishings items and flowers in a nice and harmonious mix. What they have on offer here is alive and varies according to the season; so don’t be surprised if you find something new and exciting on each and every visit.

Svinhuset, or The Hog House

On the outskirts of Halmstad, in the direction of Åled, one finds Svinhuset (Swe). External link, opens in new window. An interior design shop in a rural setting, where in the main the style goes in a rustic and industrial direction. If you are looking for items that make the home both unique and personal, then this is a place for you. And the name? Yes it comes the fact that the shop is located in the farm’s old hog house.

Candle lantern, teapot and cup

Photo: Bennets möbel & tapetserarverkstad

Bennet’s Furniture and Wallpaper Workshop

Bennets möbel- och tapetserarverkstad (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is more than a regular purveyor of wallpaper. In addition to obtaining help with fabrics, furniture care and reupholstery in a cosy old barn at Fladje Gård in Eldsberga, you can stroll around among various home furnishings items – all carefully selected. There are also some products in leather produced here, such as bags and wallets.

Ateljé 18

To Ateljé18 (Swe) External link, opens in new window. you should go when you want a luxurious moment in your everyday life. In this small home furnishings shop you will find personally selected items of high quality – everything from vintage to famous brands. A wide selection of beautiful candlesticks, lanterns, vases, textiles and porcelain. in a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Count on finding something here to come home with you!

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