Unique home furnishings – Flea markets and second-hand shops

Giving your home a personal stamp by using older ornaments and objects is a trendy thing nowadays. Whether you are looking for flea-market bargains, antiques, retro style ornaments or just that something special, Halmstad has several shops to satisfy anyone’s nostalgia and creativity. You will also be promoting sustainability and, perhaps, charitable causes!

Flea markets with a rural feel

From all over Sweden, customers make pilgrimages to Patriks Prylar. This unique, home furnishings shop is housed in an old, rebuilt stables in Röinge, just beyond Snöstorp. Here, you can pick your way among eclectic offerings – old, new and upcycled. Just next door is Lindas Ekocafé, a cosy, ecological café that makes the most of its glorious rural setting.

Perstorp 101 is a charming and unique shop just outside Getinge. Flowers, ornaments and home furnishings are all on sale. Specialising in inspiration and furnishings, Mia’s is rurally located in old, renovated stables near Eldsberga. Flowers and home furnishings are amongst its offerings.

City second-hand shops and flea markets

Dropping into the Red Cross shop is always a good idea. This well-stocked store offers a wide range and good prices. At Cityknallen, you will find second-hand goods, antiques, collectables and true bargains. Lose your way in the many rooms and corridors housing everything between earth and heaven. Erikshjälpen is a large, well-filled, second-hand shop that may well have your next bargain! We recommend being the early bird. Many good items go as soon as the doors open. Busfrö Nytt & Bytt is a modern, colorful and exciting secondhand store where you can find bargains, clothes, toys and stuff.

At Myrorna (the Salvation Army’s chain of outlets), you will find everything from classic porcelain cups to nostalgic vinyl LPs. Vintage is well represented too. Halmia Loppis is a large flea market with a massive range that has something new every day. A good reason to keep going back! On the outskirts of Halmstad, there is Atelje 18. Here you are surrounded by hand-picked furnishings and products of the highest quality.

Halmstad second-hand outlets on the internet

Annas Annorlunda is a Halmstad-based web shop. It offers unusual ornaments, desirable objects and local handicrafts. The shop also sometimes surfaces as a pop-up here and there in Halmstad.

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