Shopping streets, areas and malls

Are you an impulse shopper? Or do you plan your purchases? Do you want to buy your food direct from the farm? Are you always looking for something special? Do you want new or second-hand? Or are you content to go with the flow? No matter what you answer, you have come to the right place! In Halmstad, we love shopping. And variety. We have a lot of that!

Wherever you go, you always find something that is right for you. You can also choose whether you want to be under cover in a mall, or roaming from shop to shop in the fresh air. Let us take you on a quick tour of some of our shopping places.

Hallarna – Shopping mecca under one roof

Halmstad’s newest shopping mecca is next to the E6 at the southern entrance to the city. Of course, parking is free. In addition to over 80 shops, Hallarna (the halls) has restaurants, cafés, play areas, toilets and baby changing rooms – all under one roof. Regardless of the weather, the whole family can shop here. When you arrive, make sure to check out Scandinavia’s largest, public, cylinder aquarium.

Stenalyckan – Close neighbour of Hallarna

Stenalyckan is a loooooong shopping complex next to Hallarna. And just like a good neighbour, it is always happy to see you. Looking for a new kitchen? New home furnishings? New clothes? Perhaps something good to barbecue? Or, maybe, something to freshen up the outside of the house? There again, perhaps the family is in the mood for games. You will find most things here. And parking is free!

Flygstaden – On the way to the coast

The popular Flygstaden shopping complex is in western Halmstad, near the city’s airport. It has over 50 shops and restaurants. If, by chance, you want a change from shopping, then Flygstaden also has a golf course, training centre, trampoline park, bowling, boule, multisport simulators, darts and shuffleboard. Parking is free.

Halmstad City – Our shopping heart

In the centre of Halmstad, on both sides of the beautiful Nissan river, you will find masses of shops, restaurants, bars and cafés. You also have the charm of a small city and all that this entails. Enjoy the shops’ offerings, the lovely parks, our castle and Halmstad’s thrilling history. It is easy to fall in love with our city. Especially when you are seated outdoors, enjoying refreshments on a hot, summer day. Halmstad City always welcomes you.

Second-hand shops and flea markets – When you want the unique

We are taking more care of our world... and of our heritage. Heritage can be clothes, ornaments, items of furniture, etc. that have passed through and survived generations. It is all about upcycling and treasuring what was once made by other people in another age. Upcycling is a beautiful word. We have plenty of places where you can develop the art and find your treasures!

Farm shops – When you are looking for the authentic

Farm shops dot our countryside. They are places where you can buy everything from handicrafts to the farm’s own food produce. The pace of life is different in the countryside. Calmer. Internally and externally. Many farm shops even let you look around to get that special feel of country living. It is known as quality of life. Take the opportunity to buy some memories to take home with you!

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