Salt-splashed nature – In Haverdal

The Haverdal region invites you to a full-day experience in a harmonious nature environment. There are several worthwhile attractions here that you might enjoy – everything from beautiful sights to activities and dining experiences. One you have visited Haverdal, it is certain you will return!

 The beach in Haverdal in Halmstad

The beach in Haverdal

Haverdal’s Paradisiacal Beach

In the summertime, Haverdal’s three-kilometre-long sandy beach is a popular very bathing spot. Take a picnic basket with you and sit down somewhere along the long beach, or in one of the high sand dunes. With its shallow water, the beach is a perfect bathing spot for families with children. Drill your feet into the sand – and enjoy a day at the beach!

Bridge over the stream Skitan in Haverdals nature reserve, Halmstad

Bridge over the stream Skitan

The beautiful nature in Haverdal

One of the oldest nature reserves in Halland

Haverdal Nature Reserve (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is one of Halland’s oldest, and it encompasses the entire beach with the nature areas and adjacent forest. The hiking trail network in the nature reserve is extensive and one of them is a nature trail where signs are posted to learn more about Haverdal’s nature and the area. You will find a wide variety of trees here that wind around the area through varying nature. Check out our Beautiful day trips on foot page to get some tips for hiking.

The crooked pine trees stand out, and are super popular with visitors. They grow a little everywhere and their design has led to the forest area being popularly referred to as the “enchanted forest” or “troll forest.” Some of the pines even tie a knot on themselves, without us really knowing why. In the northern part, you will find the Lynga sand dune, or Stora Sandkullen as it is also called. The sand dune extends a whopping 36 metres above sea level and so it is probably the highest in Scandinavia. You will get a magnificent view here of both the sea and the forest!

Lynga sand dunes large dunes

Lynga sand dune

Rich bird life around the Skintan stream

The small stream Skintan runs through the area and is surrounded by deciduous trees. You will enjoy a spellbinding environment in lush nature here. Along the stream and around the reserve, there is an exceptionally rich bird life. Leave your headphones behind and enjoy the bird chirping – especially in May and June, when the birds sing at their loudest. If you are lucky, you can also catch a glimpse of some Eurasian, which is Sweden’s second smallest bird. Thanks to the loud protesting against unknown visitors, you will most likely notice that you are in their vicinity.

Enjoy the view from Skallen

In the northern part of Haverdal there you will find the beautiful lookout point known as Skallen. From here you can enjoy beautiful, sweeping views of the sea, Haverdal Harbour and north towards Särdal. In clear weather, you can even see all the way to Kullaberg peninsula in Skåne. The vantage point is a large, open space built up by shards of rock from the quarrying once carried out here. It was exported to Denmark for use as paving stones in the early 20th century. Just southwest of Skallen, at the end of the headland, you will also find one of Halland’s few caves!

View from Skallen in Halmstad

View from Skallen


Bring your horse

There is a riding trail in Haverdal nature reserve (Swe) External link, opens in new window. that is nearly four kilometres long. There is information posted that about it so you can easily navigate it. The riding trail is separated from the usual hiking trails so that you and your horse can ride without being disturbed and without startling others. If you as a rider want to go down to the beach, you can choose the rescue route that goes directly from the Lynga car park area down to the beach.

Play a round of golf at Haverdals GK

Got cravings for golf? Then you should bring your golf clubs and head to the Haverdals Golf Club. The golf course has a seaside character and is built on a sandy soil surface. The flat ground area allows you to count on a pleasant and relaxing round of golf. These exciting golf holes run partly in open terrain and partly in a forest environment. At the end of the round, the course is surrounded by majestic pine trees.

If you are looking to practice, you can do so on the short hole course, on the jungle course, or on the driving range. There is also a practice area where you can use your own balls. You can also count on hearing and seeing a rich animal and bird life around the golf course. Haverdal’s Golf Restaurant External link, opens in new window. is perfect for uploading or as a finish to the round. In a homely and scenic environment, you can enjoy good food, refreshing drinks or a cosy coffee.

 Players at Haverdals Golf club

Haverdals Golf club. Photo: Per Nilsson

Restaurants and cafés

Looking for harmonious country feeling for a cup of coffee or lunch? Then Särdals Kvarn (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is an excellent choice. The mill is a 1890 listed building and an excursion destination not to be missed when visiting Haverdal. Check out the charming mill shop that has a lovely selection of gifts, delicacies, antiques, décor, knick·knacks and much more. You’re not going to leave here empty-handed! In summer, exhibitions are often also presented in the premises. Don’t miss the idyllic café and its garden – here you can enjoy a coffee and lunch or just be. The café is open in the summer, and during the rest of the year also on most weekends.

Virvla's café External link, opens in new window. is a café for big and small, trolls as human beings, in the middle of Haverdal's nice family campsite outside Halmstad. With the campsite's adventure golf, playground and cozy outdoor environment, the café attracts both play and movement, as well as a relaxing coffee in the orangery. Program activities are arranged at regular intervals and always with a focus on children and family. Welcome to the café that wants to be the family's destination.

Margit’s kiosk (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is the summer kiosk where you can experience childhood again, as the candy is sold in the old traditional way. Pick out piece-by-piece, just like the time before the time of the big buckets. In addition to selecting your sweets, you will also find ice cream and light food options along with refreshing drinks for those who need to replenish their energy after a day at the beach. They also stock newspapers.

Family looking out of tent

Photo: Gabby Baldrocco, Mostphotos

Excellent possibilities for overnight accommodations

Haverdals Camping External link, opens in new window. is a cosy and family-friendly camping area that offers a hard-to-beat combination of relaxation, swimming and adventure. You are welcome here with your caravan, motorhome or even just a tent. You’re coming without a place to sleep? No problem! There are also excellent alternatives: hire a cottage, an apartment, or caravan. There are plenty of activities for the whole family – not the least the fun adventure golf!

The forest in Haverdal nature reserve

The name is Haverdal

Have you ever visited Hawärÿdh? Nope? Perhaps Haverdal sounds more familiar to you? Like so many other places in Halmstad and throughout southern Sweden, the place names have changed throughout history.

Haverdal’s earliest mention can be traced to back 1466 and the name Hawärÿdh. Hawä is believed to come from the word the Swedish word hage (pasture) “haghi” and “rÿdh” as in “clearing the forest.” Not only Hawärÿdh, Haverdal has also formerly been named Hawred, Haffröd, Haffredall, Haffuerda and Hafverdahl.

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