Put everyday life on hold in the wilderness

Give yourself time to relax, to just be. Halmstad teeming with places to find peace and quiet, always close at hand, no matter where you are. The sea is just around the corner, as are the forests and inland areas. Pull on your boots and fill your basket with berries or mushrooms, wander together along beautiful natural trails or along a lush green path.

Experience quiet, deep forests, exciting history and the mighty rushing waters of Danska Fall waterfall at close quarters. The coffee, the snacks and the packed lunch you’ve brought along will never taste as good as when you are out in the open air, and that’s a promise.

 Wild boar in sunset

Photo: Mostphotos, Anders Gustavsson

Hiking and game safaris

Meet wildlife on hiking safaris, an experience you’ll never forget! Your guide will lead you through magical forests in the nature reserve in Simlångsdalen External link, opens in new window. valley, where you have a great chance of seeing the forest’s wildlife, such as wild boar, roe deer, elk, badgers, hares, owls, foxes and more.

Experience a popular and exciting wildlife safari during the hours of darkness. You sit in the middle of the forest listening, tracking and looking out for the animals of the forest. The total silence is suddenly broken by rustling leaves as a wild boar family comes close – this is a natural experience that you’re never going to forget.

Hand picking chanterelle

Photo: Mostphotos, Madelen

Pick berries and mushrooms

During autumn there are plenty of mushrooms and berries out in the countryside, and what could be cosier than an afternoon in the forest with a basket on your arm and a thermos of coffee in your pack? If you head out into the forests around Tönnersjö, Oskarström, Slättåkra and Simlångsdalen, chances are good that you will come home with the basket full of chanterelles or other fruits of the forest. If you do head out on your own, make sure you’ve read up properly and are careful when picking mushrooms. Feel free to read more tips and information at (Swe) External link, opens in new window.. Also keep your eyes peeled for the season's last blueberries and lingonberries - because surely there’s nothing better than homemade jam?

If you head further inland to Halmstad's beautiful marshes (such as Långhultamyrenn (Swe) External link, opens in new window. or Mogölsmyren (Swe) External link, opens in new window.), you can actually find both cranberries and cloudberries. Just make sure to wear sturdy waders or boots when exploring the beautiful wilderness of the marshes!

Together with a mushroom consultant

If you’re not comfortable going out on your own, you have the opportunity of going out with a mushroom expert in Halmstad, who can give you advice and expert help. During the autumn, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation sometimes arranges hikes with mushroom consultants. Check with Halmstad Tourist Centre whether any tour is planned.

Farms with pick-your-own

If you’re not having any luck picking but still want to feast on berries, you should swing by some of our farms that offer pick-your-own. Or choose a farm shop where you can buy freshly picked and locally grown berries and vegetables. We have some tips for pick-your-own on a separate page.

 Shoes walking in the forest

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Day trips on foot

In Halmstad, there are many wonderful paths for a day trip on foot. There is great and varied beauty to discover here – surging waterfalls, sun-drenched forest clearings, extensive marshes, deciduous forests and steep hillsides. Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and set out on a day trip in the countryside.

Advice on scenic day trips in Halmstad.

 Two people fishing by a lake

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In Halmstad, good fishing is never far away. Choose between lakes, rivers and the sea. Thanks to careful fisheries management, Halland is one of the country’s biggest fishing regions. Let’s go fish!

Check out our tips on where to fish for salmon, pike, perch, roach, rainbow trout etc.

 Family grilling in the forest

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Picnic spots

Combine your coffee break with a refreshing experience in the countryside. Whether you’re looking for a romantic picnic for two or an outing for the whole family, there are several favourite spots to choose between here. Go to the top of a mountain or cliff for beautiful views, or pick a location beside an idyllic lake. And the coffee and buns always taste a little better after a walk!

We’ve gathered nine tips regarding picnic spots that offer that little bit extra.

 Child looking out from a cliff

Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

57 Nature reserves

In Halmstad, there is a nature reserve around almost every corner. Wander over hill and valley, through beech forests and blueberry thickets... All you have to do is pull on your shoes and get out there! If you want a year-long project, you could visit one nature reserve a week... and still have some left at the end!

Here are ten tips from among the 57 nature reserves in Halmstad.

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