Prins Bertils stig – The 18-km walking trail

This is perhaps Halmstad’s most beautiful walk. Generally following the coast, its 18 km meander by the sea from central Halmstad out to Tylösand and then on to leafy Möllegård.

The trail is named after Prince Bertil, who was the Duke of Halland, spent several summers here with Princess Lilian at a summer cottage in Tylösand.

 Family walks along Prins Bertil's path with grass on both sides of the path.

Foto: Joakim Lindstöm

Prince Bertil’s trail is a readily accessible trail that takes you on a journey through scenic countryside featuring everything from sand beaches, coastal forest, cliffs and old stone quarries to small-boat marinas and fishing bays. You pass places offering magnificent views, secluded bathing bays and mysterious spots that whisper tales of stone quarries and Viking battles.

Prins Bertil's trail is an easily accessible hike that is divided into four stages:

  • Halmstad slott – Västra stranden
  • Västra stranden – Grötvik
  • Grötvik – Tylösand
  • Tylösand – Möllegård
 The rhododendron park along Prince Bertil's Path in Tylösand in Halmstad

The rhododendron park along Prince Bertil's Path

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