Lovely cycling trails in Halmstad

In Halmstad we have several fantastic cycling trails with varied destinations that offer lots of attractions into the bargain. Choose your bike and experience the Halland atmosphere up close!

Because the trails connect to each other, you can easily design and combine your own cycle tour. All the trails below pass Slottsbron bridge at Halmstad Castle. Some of the trails also meet at other locations.

Cycling maps

Below is a digital map of the cycling trails. At Halmstad Tourist Centre you can obtain a physical cycling map. Create your own cycle tour by combining the different trails.

Information in the map is in Swedish. Click the icon in the top right corner of the map to open in Google Maps. To view and hide different layers, as well as to see all visitor destinations, click on the icon in the top left corner of the map.

Scenic trails

Expand your horizons and embark on a proper cycling excursion! The Kattegat Trail, Hylteleden and the Banvall Trail are all of varying lengths but have one thing in common – along the way you will be amazed by the lovely, scenic surroundings. The Kattegat Trail runs along the coast while Hylteleden and the Banvall Trail mainly let you discover our beautiful inland scenery.

The Kattegat Trail – 390 km along the west coast

The 390 kilometre Kattegat Trail External link, opens in new window. extends from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg in the north. The trail was awarded Europe’s cycling trail of the year in 2018 – and that says a lot! If you choose Kattegat Trail, you will get to experience the spectacular nature along the west coast up close. Here you will pass everything from picturesque fishing villages to vast landscapes. The trail runs through all of Halland. Why not go on a multi-day excursion and stay overnight at some of the pleasant accommodation along the trail!

The Öresundstågen train service External link, opens in new window. runs along the entire trail and takes you smoothly back to your starting point. Don't forget to buy a bike ticket.

Cyklister längs Kattegattleden, skylt i förgrunden

Foto: Patrik Leonardsson

Hylteleden – 180 km in the deep forests

The 180 kilometre Hylteleden (swe) External link, opens in new window. both begins and ends in Halmstad. Cycle eastwards and experience everything from deep forests to mirror-like lakes. Starting at Halmstad Castle, you pass Norre Katts park, Örjans Vall football stadium and Slottsmöllan and finally end up in Åled. The journey continues through the beautiful Nissadalen and the signs lead you further towards Hylte. The last leg goes via Simlångsdalen which, among other things, offers several wonderful nature reserves. Here you can enjoy both good food and overnight accommodation – perhaps just what is needed after a long day on the bike!

The Banvall Trail – 250 km coast to coast

The unique 250 kilometre Banvall trail (Swe) External link, opens in new window. takes you from coast to coast between Halmstad and Karlshamn External link, opens in new window.. Starting at Halmstad Castle, you follow the old railway embankment (banvall) through beautiful and varied terrain. Along the trail you will find several accommodation possibilities. Discover the Banvall Trail and go on a cycle excursion through Swedish railway history!

Grupp cyklar på rad i skogen

Foto: Seagull Nady, Mostphotos

Trails closer to town

The Laxa Trail and Tylösand Trail are two local cycling routes that were inaugurated in 2019. The trails travel around the urban area of Halmstad and provide you with several gems within easy reach. Since they do not have a start or finish point, you can start your tour anywhere. At 25 kilometres each, they are perfect for a day trip on the bicycle saddle. Just follow the red and white signs!

The Laxa Trail – 25 km of eastern Halmstad

Want to experience some favorite spots around the city? Then the 25 kilometre Laxa Trail is the right choice. It runs mainly on the east side of the Nissan and passes several local attractions including the Picasso Park and the City Library. On the tour you can also take the opportunity to stop for some shopping at Hallarna. Finally, why not a cosy picnic on Östra Stranden beach.

The Tylösand Trail – 25 km of coastal western Halmstad

The Tylösand Trail is a 25 kilometre, slightly more rural route close to the centre of Halmstad. The trail passes along the west side of Nissan between Tylösand and Galgberget. You can enjoy everything from extensive sandy beaches to lush beech forest overlooking the city and sea. On the way you pass Halmstad Castle, Söndrum Church, Hallandsgården and Norre Katts park.

Cyklister vid Livräddartornet i Tylösand

Foto: Patrik Leonardsson

Hire a bicycle in Halmstad

Are you in Halmstad without a bicycle? No problem! Hiring a bicycle from Rent-a-bike Halmstad External link, opens in new window. is easy. If you would like to cycle part of the Kattegat Trail External link, opens in new window., you can collect and leave your bicycle at any point of your trip. It may sound too good to be true, but this is Halmstad – it is true! At Levin & Nilsson External link, opens in new window. you can hire Swedish-made bicycles of the highest quality. Mountain Biking in Halmstad External link, opens in new window. has rentals based in Simlångsdalen, but you can also pick up your cycle at Nicola's Café Bäckavattnet in Marbäck, Steninge Kuststation or Tylösand. You can book cycling packages via Gyllene Turer External link, opens in new window..

Äldre par cyklar i skogen

Foto: Gabby Baldrocco, Mostphotos

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