Laxaleden – The 25-km local cycling trail

Explore the eastern part of Halmstad from a bicycle saddle. There are architectural masterpieces such as hexagonal Snöstorp Church and Halmstad’s unique city library. Cycle alongside the rushing waters of the Nissan river and stop by the beautiful dunes of the Östra Stranden beach.

The twin Tylösand and Laxa trails are marked with red-white signs. These trails are popular with tourists and residents alike who are keen to discover the gems in the Halmstad conurbation. The trails are “one-way” circuits. Each is around 25 kilometres long. As there are no start and end points, you can join these trails wherever you like.

Map and gpx file

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Sights along the way

Halland Art Museum

Halland Art Museum is a hub for art and art life in Halland. The museum has a wide-ranging collection of Halland artwork – the Söndrum Colony, the Halmstad Group, Thea Ekström, GAN, Olle Bærtling, Roj Friberg, Lotta Antonsson and many more.


Slottsmöllan is an old industrial area that is now home to a thriving activity and enterprise centre. The beautiful Slottsmöllebron bridge, which crosses the Nissan river’s mighty waters, takes in the falls that, since the very first factory, were used as a power source.

Alfred’s Spring

Alfred’s Spring (Alfreds Källa) came to prominence in the 1870s. That was when Alfred Wallberg had the water analysed. It proved to have a higher mineral content than the water at the other health spas of that time. The water was considered to be so good that doctors recommended their patients to “drink from the well” to cure several illnesses.

Air defence collection in Skedalahed

Sweden’s national collection of air-defence guns is owned by Armémsueum (the Army Museum) and managed by the “Garrison and Air-Defence Museum” in Halmstad. Besides heavy and light air artillery, there are also tanks, spotlights and radar stations to touch, climb into, etc.

Snöstorp Church

Snöstorp Church was designed by royal architect Emil Langlet, who was influenced by Roman circular churches and Byzantine architecture. The church was inaugurated in 1883 and is one of six hexagonal, multi-symmetrical churches in Sweden. It is often named in the list of Sweden’s prettiest churches.


Hallarna is a major shopping centre that is full of exciting shops and restaurants. Head off on a shopping trip and check out Scandinavia’s largest, public, cylinder aquarium and its fascinating mix of colourful fish.

The Battle of Fyllebro

The Battle of Fyllebro was a decisive encounter in the Scanian War between Sweden and Denmark. Around 4,000 Danes are said to have conquered a Swedish force of 6,000 men.

The Östra Stranden beach

With beach huts nestled in the sand dunes, the Östra Stranden beach is a classic bathing resort. The fine sand takes you far out into the water and the gently shelving beach is child friendly. Something else that is usually appreciated by the more reticent bathers is the frequently high water temperature.

The Picasso park

The park got its name in 1972 when a Pablo Picasso statue was donated to the city. This statue, Head of a Woman, is one of 14 of this size made by Picasso. His wife was the model. It is made of concrete and painted white.

The city library

Halmstad City Library was designed by architects Mette Wienberg and Kim Holst Jensen of Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects in Århus, Denmark. The library was opened in 2006 and, on account of its unique appearance, has both won and been nominated for several prizes.

Halland's military history museum

As the historical borderland between Sweden and Denmark, Halland has experienced many wars. At Halland's military history museum, you get insight into Halland's military presence throughout history.

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