Eight reasons for cycling in Halmstad

Looking for a bicycle-friendly holiday? You can stop searching now! Halmstad offers you and your party the ultimate cycling experience.

Mountain bike trails, fatbike experiences – everything for the cyclist and for family-fun outings. Dense forests, sea dips, open fields, culinary delights from nature’s pantry and cultural experiences can all be mixed in. Halmstad has long been cyclists’ city. Quite simply, this is where you get more out of cycling.

  1. Nearness to everything
  2. Several amazing cycling routes
  3. Cycle challenges – fatbiking, mountain biking, touring
  4. Bicycle-friendly destination
  5. Easy bicycle rental
  6. Culinary experiences
  7. Cooling dips always on hand
  8. Discovering nature via our orienteering kits

1. Nearness to everything

Jump on a bicycle and be well on your way within 10 minutes. In a 20-kilometre radius, our city of contrasts gives you fresh sea breezes and adventures in leafy forests. Halmstad Tourist Centre willingly reveals the best bicycle destinations!

 Cyclists go to the lifeguard tower in Tylösand

Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

2. Several amazing cycling routes

n addition to the Kattegat trail, Halmstad offers several cycling routes with amazing coastal and inland views. The Hylte circuit, Laxa trail and Tylösand trail are just three examples. Halmstad Tourist Centre will help you and your party sort out optimal cycle rides and provide inspiration for routes to take you in and around Halmstad.

The Kattegat trail, 395 km

Crowned as European cycle trail 2018, the Kattegat lets you experience our spectacular west coast landscapes up close. Along 395 km of cyclist-friendly trails from Helsingborg to Gothenburg, enjoy panoramic vista as you ride through picturesque fishing stations, flowering fields and leafy forests.

The Laxa trail, 25 km

The Laxa trail offers you the gems tucked away around Halmstad City. Its 25 kilometres show you, amongst other things, the Picasso park, the City library, Norre Katts park, Örjans Vall, Slottsmöllan, Snöstorp Church, Hallarna, Fyllebro and Östra Stranden beach.

The Tylösand trail, 25 km

A slightly more rural, 25-km tour near central Halmstad. It takes you by Halmstad Castle, Tylösand, Söndrum Church, Galgberget, Hallandsgården and Norre Katts park.

The Hylte circuit, 165 km

If you take the circuit eastwards, you will experience a different Halland – dense forests and mirror-like lakes. Through a landscape rich in both of these, the trail shows you river valleys and rolling countryside. Not surprisingly, the circuit can both begin and end in Halmstad.

The Banvall trail, 250 km

Cycling coast to coast between Halmstad and Karlshamn is an excellent idea. The Banvall trail runs along an old railway embankment through beautiful, varying landscapes.

3. Cycle challenges – fatbiking, mountain biking, touring

Treat yourself to a magnificent fatbike trip along the beach with Kitekalle. There again, why not simply enjoy touring around our beautiful locations? We have cycling experiences and challenges for all weathers and seasons.

4. Bicycle-friendly destinations

A bicycle-friendly destination welcomes you as a cyclist. In Halmstad, we know how it can feel if things go wrong and the fun evaporates. This is why we take care of both you and your bicycle.


We have several places where tyres can be pumped back up. Stora torg, Halmstad Resecentrum, Halmstad University and Östra lyckan are just some of these. Find the nearest bicycle pump on halmstad.se.

Bicycle sheds with simple repair stations

At both Tylebäck Hotell & Konferens, there are bicycle sheds to provide safe storage for overnighting guests. They both also have simple repair stations with pumps, bicycle oil, tools and, for electric bicycles, charging facilities. Getting ready for travelling onwards could not be easier. Of course, if necessary, you can also clean your bicycle.

Spare parts and cycle shops

Spare parts for your bicycle are available from Sportson, Levin & Nilsson and Team Sportia Flygstaden.

5. Easy bicycle rental

Are you in Halmstad without a bicycle? No problem! Renting a bicycle from Rent-a-bike Halmstad is easy. If you would like to cycle part of the Kattegat trail, you can collect and leave your bicycle at any point of your trip. It may sound too good to be true, but this is Halmstad – it is true! From Levin & Nilsson, you can hire top-quality Swedish bicycles. Mountain Biking in Halmstad has rentals based in Simlångsdalen, but you can also pick up the bikes at Nicola's Café Bäckavattnet in Marbäck, Steninge coast station or in Tylösand. Gyllene Turer offers bicycle packages.

6. Culinary experiences

Clearly enough, your cycling holiday will be further enhanced by tasting Halmstad while out riding. How about a stop at Feldts Socker och Cykel – a city bicycle café, an Italian ice cream from Riccardo’s in Möllegård, incredibly good coffee at I’m Coffee or the delights of the champagne bar at A Little Party in the city? To these can be added well-stocked farm shops with local, ecological ingredients and amazing Halland specialities.

7. Cooling dips always on hand

After a day in the saddle, you are content, satisfied and... hot! The answer is at hand. Take a cooling dip at any of our beautiful beach spots. Surrounded by dunes, enjoy the contents of a picnic basket or simply take a well-earned rest with the sand between your toes.

8. Discovering nature via our orienteering kits

Are you looking for guiding, but want to experience our countryside by yourself? Then our orienteering kits for cyclists are just the thing! They can be bought from Halmstad Tourist Centre. Get out and about with your family and discover our rural delights entirely under your own steam. Available May-October.

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