Winter in Halmstad

When winter arrives in Halmstad, we are ready. There are a number of wonderful outdoor activities to try out here. Do you prefer being active in the warmth? Don’t worry, there’s something here for everyone – both for those who appreciate the fresh air and for those who prefer indoor activities.


Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Outdoor winter activities

When winter arrives in Halmstad, we are ready. Whether there is snow or not, there are a number of wonderful outdoor activities to try. After all, isn’t there something special about being outside in the winter, when the air is fresh and crisp and the warmth of the sun’s rays feels especially good. Winter also awakens the playfulness of our inner child, no matter what age we are. So, take your family out and let your imagination run wild.

Cross-country skiing

Volunteers from local sports club Simlångsdalens IF also prepare ski trails when snow falls over the beautiful fenland landscape of Långhultamyren (swe). External link, opens in new window. Snow permitting there are usually three trails: 2.5 km, 5 km and 10 km. When the club’s functionaries are on site, you can warm yourself in the little red cabin. For the current status of the trails, please visit the club’s Facebook page (swe). External link, opens in new window.

Downhill skiing

Do you prefer downhill skiing? The popular family slope Vrenningebacken (swe) External link, opens in new window. is located In Oskarström. The lift is placed so that children and beginners can get off wherever they like and then calmly ski down according to their capacity. There is also a barbecue area at the top of the slope and right next door is the ice rink Strömvallen (swe). External link, opens in new window. Stay up to date on opening hours and current trail conditions on the website of the facility in question.

Barn åker pulka

Foto: Patrik Leonardsson

Lovely slopes for sleds

As soon as the first snow has fallen, the overalls go on and the slopes are filled with excited children and adults. Here are some tips on sledding slopes and don't forget to pack a thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy between runs!

  1. Jutarumsbacken in Söndrum or "Ica-backen" as it is called locally. A classic for anyone who is eager to go sledding.
  2. Rotorp Nature Park covers some14 hectares. The park is located between the cemetery Västra kyrkogården and Flygstaden Golf Course. There is a small wetland area, trails, plantings and open grassland. And, of course, the hill used for tobogganing.
  3. Moddan at Linehed is now a delightful area for rambling (formally a waste tip). Moddan is part of Gustavsfält in central Halmstad, beside the E6 motorway. The landscape varies between half open and hilly. The hill here is perfect for sledding.

Ice fishing

In really cold weather, the lake Torvsjön may be ice-covered, offering the opportunity for a spot of ice fishing. Just make sure that the ice is thick enough before you venture out onto it. If you the fish are biting, there is a nearby barbeque area that is perfect if you want to prepare lunch immediately. Torvsjön is located in the beautiful surroundings of Skedala Forest, a popular outdoor recreation area with hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Ice fishing is also possible at Vinnalt Event External link, opens in new window. in Simlångsdalen. More fishing tips can be found on our fishing page.

 Skater at Stenbrottet in Grötvik

Skater at Stenbrottet in Grötvik. Photo: Johan Davidsson

Glide along on your ice skates

Lace up your skates and embark on one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities that winter has to offer. Skating is the perfect way to create a great winter feeling, whether you're skating indoors or out. And don’t worry if you lack experience, anyone can get the hang of it with a bit of practice!

Next to Vrenningebacken in Oskarström is the Strömvallen Ice Rink, External link, opens in new window. an artificially frozen ice rink that is usually open from December to February. During public skating sessions, admission is free. See Strömvallen’s opening hours at External link, opens in new window.

If the weather is not on your side, you can skate on the indoor rink at Halmstad Arena. There is a large ice rink, as well as a smaller one with ice hockey goals if you want to get your sticks and puck out. Here, too, skating is free if you come during public skating sessions. The ice rink at Halmstad Arena is usually open from the beginning of September until the end of March. Check the times when the rink at Halmstad Arena is open to the public (swe). External link, opens in new window.

It is not uncommon for smaller lakes to freeze during the winter. A few tips to keep your eye on are the lakes Fågelsjön, Kroksjön and Toftasjön and the lake at Rotorp Nature Park. It is not entirely unknown for the lake at Halmstad Wakepark in Grötvik to freeze so that the ice is thick enough to skate in the quarry, which is quite an experience!

Borrow equipment

If you need to borrow skates, please contact Fritidsbanken (swe), External link, opens in new window. a service that lends sports equipment free of charge.

 Skiers at Halmstad Golfarena

Skiers at Halmstad Golfarena. Photo: Martin Siljegård

Winter picnics

Whether the temperature is plus or minus degrees, whether or not there is snow on the ground, under overcast skies or in brilliant sunshine, there is every reason to visit the countryside for a cosy winter picnic. One tip is to light a campfire to cook over, heat hot chocolate and toast marshmallows, something that will both make your picnic even more cosy and keep the cold at bay on a chilly winter day.

There are several lovely picnic spots in Halmstad, with or without barbecue areas. For enchanting views, climb the hill at Skallen, Virsehatt or Spritkullen. Or head to Prince Bertil’s Hiking Trail, Simlångsdalen or Biskopstorp for amazing natural surroundings and lovely barbecue areas.

Swing your golf club

Did you know that you can play golf in Halmstad all year round? Even outdoors, as several local golf clubs keep courses open during the winter months. Naturally, you will be playing off makeshift tees onto winter greens and the weather conditions will need to be right. The best way to keep informed is to visit the website of each golf club.

In the event of a particularly cold and snowy winter, there is always the indoor course at Halmstad Golf Arena, which is open all year round. And, another useful tip, during really cold weather the ponds on courses may freeze, allowing for ice skating. You can also go sledding when slopes on courses are covered in snow. Several golf clubs also offer prepared and unprepared skiing trails.

Metropolitan Opera - Cinderella

Metropolitan Opera - Cinderella

Highlights: Winter Events

Winter events are back. We have collated a selection of winter highlights on a separate page. Choose between concerts and art exhibits, stand-up and sport, Christmas and nature and more. You can find the full range of events on our Event Calendar (swe).

Sushi from Takenaka in Halmstad

Sushi from Takenaka. Photo: Takenaka

Restaurant tips and locally produced beverages

Food and drink is not just about being hungry and thirsty. It is all about taste, aroma and colour. Let yourself be seduced by one of life’s pleasures here in Halmstad. Try one of our locally produced beverages and visit one of our pearls of Asia

Drinks – pour a little bit of Halmstad into your glass

Pour something produced locally into your glass to create a unique dining experience. In Halmstad, we produce the organic artisan coffee X2, as well as tea, fruit drinks, must, squash, mulled wine, beer and, now, even wine. Join us on a voyage of discovery for a taste of Halmstad! On the page Drinks – pour a little bit of Halmstad into your glass, we have compiled some of the locally produced beverages that offer a taste of Halmstad.

Asian restaurant gems

Are you in the mood to eat some really good Asian food? On our website page Pearls of Asia, we have compiled some especially tasty tips regarding Asian flavours in Halmstad.

 A man is standing in a bathrobe by the sea

Photo: Mostphotos, MP Marjan

Cold and warm baths

Here in Halland, the locals like taking a dip. And the cold weather doesn’t stop us. We bathe in the sea all year round, enjoy a warming hot tub and burn off excess energy in the water park. What do you prefer?

 Prison Island at Halmstad Activity Center

Prison Island at Halmstad Activity Center. Photo: Halmstad Aktivitetscenter

Aktiviteter inomhus

Outdoor activities are great, but when winter comes along with rain, sleet and high winds, it can be nice to find things to do indoors. On our Indoor Activities page, we have compiled a bunch of tips for perfect winter pastimes, whether you enjoy fast-paced action, art and culture or a shopping trip in peace and quiet.

 Older couple out walking in frosty nature

Photo: Hans Slegers, Mostphotos

Winter walks

Pack a picnic basket and head out on a crisp winter hike. Once you feel that you have covered enough ground, it may be time to stop and recharge. Sit down at a barbecue area. Grill sausages or maybe even marshmallows over the open fire – and don't forget the obligatory hot chocolate.

Ideal winter hiking trails

  • Prince Bertil’s Hiking Trail, 18 km. You can simply take the bus back once you have walked the desired distance.
  • Skedala Forest, 7 trails
  • Klövaberget, 0.7 km
  • The Paddesjö Trail in Biskopstorp, 3.1 km
  • Torvsjön Lakeside Trail in Skedala, 3.8 km
  • Gullbranna, 4.1 km
  • Steningeleden, 3.1 km
 Friends bowls with glasses in hand

Photo: Aleksandr Davydov, Mostphotos

Christmas, New Year and winter school holidays

Halmstad is mostly seen as a summer destination, but you can find something to do here all year round. Including around Christmas and New Year.

Christmas in Halmstad

From November to January, we create a true Christmas atmosphere in Halmstad. Experience Christmas markets, pottering and shopping in an atmospheric setting. We have gathered together everything we offer around Christmas under the name Christmas in Halmstad. Welcome to Christmas in Halmstad 2021!

Celebrate New Year in Halmstad

You are also welcome to celebrate the New Year with us on the west coast in Halmstad. We look forward to seeing you in 2022. Take a look at our New Year page (coming soon) for tips on New Year packages, the best places to watch the fireworks and which places are open.

February School holidays – "Sportlov"

As winter draws to a close, we Swedes look forward to the traditional winter sports school holiday (sportlov). We have compiled holiday tips for holidaying children and families on our website on the page Enjoy the Winter Sports Holiday in Halmstad (coming soon).

Inne på restaurang Asian Bank Office

Weekend in Halmstad

Enjoy a weekend in Halmstad. On our Weekends page, we have compiled some weekend trip suggestions. Do you want something tailor-made just for you? Contact Halmstad Tourist Centre via e-mail, phone or the chat function bottom right, and we would be delighted to help you find the activities suited to your weekend experience of Halmstad!

 The beach in Tylösand with snow

View towards Tylön in Tylösand. Photo:

Winter in Tylösand

Tylösand is well worth a visit, even in winter. When winter arrives, a sense of calm descends over the beach and the area as a whole. Take the opportunity to go for a hearty walk with views out over the Kattegat. Prince Bertil’s Trail takes you past Tylösand and offers a number of beautiful views. After a refreshing walk, why not treat yourself to a delightful experience at The Spa at Hotel Tylösand. You can also take the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary art experience at Tres Hombres Art. External link, opens in new window. Tired after a long day? Don’t worry! Stay at Hotel Tylösand for a night or two.

Is your tummy starting to rumble? Visit one of the restaurants below!

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