Summer time in Halmstad

Lovely baths, beautiful sunsets, spectacular nature, culinary delights, adrenaline-pumping experiences and relaxing moments. Welcome to the summertime city of Halmstad!

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Restaurant Greta's roof at Hotell Mårtenson in Halmstad

Restaurant Greta's roof at Hotell Mårtenson. Photo: Andreas Svensson

Roof terraces and cozy courtyards

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city’s streets and squares. Slip into a cozy, hidden courtyard or explore the hidden gems among Halmstad’s rooftop islands. Enjoy a visit to the rooftop bars Greta's tak External link, opens in new window. or Blue skyebar (swe). External link, opens in new window. Or cozy in, for example, Brooktorpsgården's (swe) External link, opens in new window. courtyard.

person holding up mobile udner a concert outdoors

Outdoor concert at Solgården in Tylösand

Events – summer highlights

This summer there is a lot going on in Halmstad, we have selected a few highligts.

Family on their way down to the sea for picnic on the beach in sunset

Photo: Solkatt Studios

Sunsets and evening dips

Few experiences can beat a clear and colorful sunset in Halmstad. So much so that many people actually come here just to experience the sunset. Halmstad offers several great places to watch the sunset, here are some of our recommendations. Remember to bring a yummy picnic meal and swimwear for a balmy evening swim while the sun sets.

 The beaches Tylösand, Ringenäs and Frösakull

The beach Tylösand, Ringenäs and Frösakull. Photo: Per Nilsson

45 km of swim-friendly beaches

Is there anything better than a dip in the sea? Feeling the supple sand between your toes and hearing the waves gently breaking on the beach? The warming sensation from the sun’s rays and the freshness of the cooling winds.

Halmstad has 45 kilometres of swim-friendly coastline. There’s something here for everyone: adventurous swimming by the rocks, small cosy coves or large expanses of sandy beaches. To help you to find your favourite beach, we’ve compiled a number of swimming guides for you. These cover all the large sandy beaches. You should also take the opportunity to look at our guide featuring small bays and cliffs. In Halmstad, a long-awaited dip is always close by. Make a day of it at the beach!

 Woman and child lie in the sand

Photo: Pavel Lysenko, Mostphotos

Halmstad for children and families

Enjoy a trip to Halmstad with your family. Head out into the deep forests, feel the sand between your toes on the coast, challenge each other to bowling, or why not explore your creative veins at one of our art museums. Halmstad offers a wide variety of family-friendly activities.

To find activities that suit your family, we have also developed guides with 20 tips in each for pushchair-friendly Halmstad, Halmstad for the youngest children, Halmstad for slightly older children and Halmstad for teens.

 Two people with SUP boards

Photo: Reisegutta

Water sports in sea, lake and river

Keep the adrenaline pumping by going kitesurfing in Påarp or wakeboarding in Grötvik. Catch your breath in a sea kayak with a trip to Tylön, or on a stand-up paddle board while peacefully gliding through the waters of the River Nissan. The sea is powerful, at times featuring stormy waves and other times completely still. However, one thing is certain – the sea and the coast offer much more than just sun and bathing. Here you can also find pulse-increasing activities and adrenaline kicks, or just calm.

Three burgers

Photo: Wavebreakmedia, Mostphotos

Halmstad’s best burger shack

Is there anything as good as a simple burger? Here we’ve rounded up some of our favorite places with crusty buns, top-quality meat and chili sauces that’ll give you a real kick in your mouth. Restaurants and pubs in Halmstad where the burger is the rock star and you get to go to a memorable concert you’ll never ever forget.

Couple out walking dog

Photo: Minna Elisa

Dog in Halmstad

Of course the dog must come to Halmstad! Here is a lot of fun to do with your four-legged friend. Visit one of our fantastic nature reserves, take a cooling dip in the sea and lake. Or enjoy good food and drink at one of our cozy cafes or restaurants. In our dog guide you get several tips for your visit!


Phtoto: Olinchuk, Mostphotos

Market gardens and flowers

Here in Halmstad there are some charming cut flower nurseries where you can purchase a beautiful bouquet of seasonal flowers. Or better yet, enjoy the peace and quiet that pick-your-own can bring, while being inspired by flowers in all sorts of colors and shapes. Here we offer are some recommendations, so pick what suits you and enjoy!

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