Summer time in Halmstad

Lovely baths, beautiful sunsets, spectacular nature, culinary delights, adrenaline-pumping experiences and relaxing moments. Welcome to the summertime city of Halmstad!

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 The beaches Tylösand, Ringenäs and Frösakull

The beach Tylösand, Ringenäs and Frösakull. Photo: Per Nilsson

45 km of swim-friendly beaches

Is there anything better than a dip in the sea? Feeling the supple sand between your toes and hearing the waves gently breaking on the beach? The warming sensation from the sun’s rays and the freshness of the cooling winds.

Halmstad has 45 kilometres of swim-friendly coastline. There’s something here for everyone: adventurous swimming by the rocks, small cosy coves or large expanses of sandy beaches. To help you to find your favourite beach, we’ve compiled a number of swimming guides for you. These cover all the large sandy beaches. You should also take the opportunity to look at our guide featuring small bays and cliffs. In Halmstad, a long-awaited dip is always close by. Make a day of it at the beach!

 Halmstad City Library

Halmstad City Library, one of the seven wonders. Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

The 7 wonders of Halmstad

The world has its seven wonders. And here in Halmstad, we’re no less worthy. So allow us to present our list of seven local wonders that make our hearts beat a little faster.

It’s a nice mix of architecture – with a 12th century church ruin, a city gate and a 17th century castle, followed by a majestic mill and a real 19th century “cake church”, and culminating in our prized city library that sweeps out over the Nissan river and the spectacular 21st century lifeguard tower. Come visit the Seven Wonders of Halmstad!

Rapeseed field at Ivars hill with the Enjoy Halmstad logo on

Rapeseed field at ivars hill. Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Enjoy Halmstad – Crazy combos

Last summer’s Turista Hemma (“Tourist at Home”) initiative is back – with a brand new look, a new name and with even sharper content. Come experience the event of the summer – ENJOY HALMSTAD, 1 June – 31 August 2021.

A “bucket list” is in the works. A gigantic checklist of places and players in Halmstad’s tourism industry. To get the latest tips from Enjoy Halmstad, follow our Instagram account @enjoyhalmstad. External link, opens in new window. Based on the content of the Bucket List, you’ll be able to check out stories within three different themes: Crazy Combos, Rule #1 and What’s On.

 Cyclists along the Kattegattleden in Tylösand in Halmstad. Passes the lifeguard tower.

Kattegattleden in Tylösand. Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Lifeguards, summer and sun in Tylösand

Tylösand is well-known, both in Sweden and outside the country's borders. There are a number of reasons why: Four kilometres of fantastic beach, lively “after-beach” bars, a world class golf course, unique restaurants and wonderful countryside. The list never ends.

And every day, from Midsummer to mid-August, the Tylösand Lifeguards are on hand to ensure the safety of all the beach’s bathers. Just like they’ve done since 1960. Welcome to Tylösand.

 Children shop at Vilshärad's farm shop in Halmstad.

Vilshärad's farm shop. Photo: Alexander Hall

Summer in the countryside

In Halmstad, you’re just a stone’s throw from it all – fields, forests, sea and lakes. And thanks to our fantastic surroundings, we can offer a glorious selection of prime local ingredients. Embark on a culinary adventure and take in everything from farm shops and jam cookery operations to dairies and fishing huts.

Isn’t there something special about fresh berries? Not least when you picked them yourself at a local farm. Halmstad has several places where you can pick berries yourself. At several farms you can also pick fresh flowers.

Are you looking for a unique interior detail? Then look into one of all the lovely little unique interior design shops in the country. We have collected a bunch of tips for you on our page Unique interior design shops in the country.

To enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, be sure to spend the night here, too. At Halmstad Gårdshotell (Swe), External link, opens in new window. Hohan and Elin have taken the finer aspects of a boutique hotel and the best parts of an eco hostel and created a charming and unique accommodation on a farm between Tylösand and the city centre. The rooms are decorated with flair, mixing light and fresh elements with interesting colours and shapes and blending the old and the new. The large garden acts as a living room with areas for socialising and a lovely barbecue area where guests can gather. Halmstad’s rural atmosphere can also be enjoyed at Wapnö Gårdshotell (Swe), External link, opens in new window. Paulsson Paleo (Swe), External link, opens in new window. Stakaberg Konferens & Gårdshotell (Swe) External link, opens in new window. and Hotel Insense (Swe), External link, opens in new window. located high on a hill between meadows and rolling rapeseed fields.

 Woman and child lie in the sand

Photo: Pavel Lysenko, Mostphotos

Halmstad for children and families

Enjoy a trip to Halmstad with your family. Head out into the deep forests, feel the sand between your toes on the coast, challenge each other to bowling, or why not explore your creative veins at one of our art museums. Halmstad offers a wide variety of family-friendly activities.

To find activities that suit your family, we have also developed guides with 20 tips in each for pushchair-friendly Halmstad, Halmstad for the youngest children, Halmstad for slightly older children and Halmstad for teens.


Vargaslätten. Photo: Judit Hetzold

Enjoy nature – Vargaslätten and Simlångsdalen

Vargaslätten is a legendary, landscaped woodland garden that began being designed in 1917. Sigfrid Ericson brought back plants from his travels around the world and planted them in different areas of the garden. Vargaslätten is comprised of three parts: the woodland garden, a museum and a plant nursery.

Vargaslätten is located in eastern Halmstad in the middle of Simlångsdalen with its incredibly beautiful nature. In addition to several nature reserves, Simlångsdalen has about a dozen hiking trails that wind their way through unspoiled nature, along beautiful lakes and through magical, fairytale forests.

 View of the Grötvik quarry in Halmstad

The quarry in Grötvik

Grötvik – a culture and activity gem

About five kilometres outside the university, industrial, recreational and port city of Halmstad, on the way to Tylösand, lies the old fishing village Grötvik and Grötvik marina with a charming marina and solid stonemason’s history. Grötvik is now a bustling seaside destination. Here you can try wakeboarding, take a walk in Eketånga Nature Reserve, take in a gorgeous sunset from Spritkullen hill, check out Walter Bengtsson’s art, surf, kayak and more. Grötvik – a cultural gem with a wealth of activities

Bettans bar in Halmstad

Betans bar. Photo: Pamela Hanne

Restaurants with views

Summer means outside seating, good food, nice views, and beautiful sunsets. We’ve collected restaurant tips that meet many of these criteria! Hang out at Lillebrors on Västra Beach, watch the sunset from Restaurang Salt with Tylön island as a backdrop, or why not enjoy a troubadour at Rotundan in central Halmstad, with views of Norre Katts park and the Nissan river? These are just three of many tasteful restaurants in Halmstad that boast beautiful views.

Hål 16 på Halmstad Norra Golfbana

Hål 16 på Halmstad Norra. Den mytomsHole 16 at Halmstad Norra. The mythical “Bäcken” (“the Brook”) is beautiful but treacherous. Here, the blustery winds of the Kattegat Strait have played tricks on many golf stars and brought the ball down into the brook. Photo. Jacob Sjöman

Golf Capital Halmstad

Whether you are a curious beginner or keen golf lover, Halmstad has a unique range of offerings for all sorts of golfers. Within a 15 minute drive of Halmstad city centre there are a total of 153 golf holes at eight different facilities.

The most famous of these is Halmstad Golf Club’s historic Halmstad Norra championship course in Tylösand. But the other facilities are also of high quality and offer varied nature experiences. A round of golf in Halmstad is best “rounded off” with a visit to one of the high-class golf restaurants, with relaxing views and top-hole food and drink.

Are you a curious beginner? At all facilities it is possible to borrow clubs and try your hand at the sport. Whether you are a beginner or a golf lover, we just have to tell you about Halmstad Golf Arena, Sweden’s best training facility with

Pizzabussen. Foto: Pamela Hanne

On the hunt for the best pizza

Do you ever really get enough of a super good, freshly baked pizza? Pizza is also the perfect food to buy to enjoy a picnic dinner out under the evening sun – perhaps on a beach with sand between your toes or in a shelter in the middle of the forest.

 Climber in Grötvik in Halmstad

Photo: Per Nilsson

The experience generator

Can’t decide where to start? Or do you need tips on ideas? With our experience generator you can customise your experience in Halmstad. It’s up to you to decide how much of nature, culture, pulse, activity, food and drink you want. Whoever you are, there’s plenty to experience here. Welcome to Halmstad!

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