Greet the spring in Halmstad

Blooming flowers and magnificent colours – everyone wants to be outside. Out in the countryside, out fishing, out playing golf, out in a camper van, out on a motorbike, out at outdoor cafes and restaurants. Halmstad is a great place to be when spring arrives!

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 Four friends laugh at an outdoor cafe

Photo: Minna Elisa

The café terraces and beer gardens open up

Perhaps you are looking for good food and a comfortable hangout venue? We have collected tips on hangout venues with stimulating dining experiences. Whether you’re looking for a nice garden to hang out in, conversation beyond the across borders of your table, or simply true hygge spirit – with influences from Denmark, Spain or further away Mexico.

Are you longing to enjoy good food and a drink on an outdoor terrace together with some good friends? You are not the only one! Most people look forward to sitting outside, feeling the sun on their face, and socialising with others. 1 April is usually the start of the outdoor season for many of Halmstad’s restaurants. That’s when quite a few restaurants and cafés start setting up their outdoor seating areas in squares and on pedestrian streets. The season for outdoor cafés and restaurants has arrived at last!

The Bull’s on Lilla torg is Halmstad’s largest alfresco dining option, with well-prepared and rustic food in a cosy atmosphere. Looking for Halmstad’s sunniest alfresco dining experience? Then you should visit Cortado Coffee Shop on Norre torg. At Söderpiren on Västra Stranden you can enjoy your meal in a lovely seaside setting. Even more tips can be found on our page 12 delightful cafés and restaurants for alfresco dining.

The rhododendron park in Halmstad

The rhododendron park. Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Enjoy the nature, early flowers and spring greens

The most distinctive feature of spring must be all the buds in the trees and the flowers coming into bloom. Everything goes green, birds start to sing and the countryside comes alive. In Halmstad, there are many places where you can see all kinds of spring flowers. Below we have compiled tips on where you can discover spring flowers and strolls that are especially scenic in the springtime.

The rhododendron park

The rhododendron park is located in Tylösand, just outside Halmstad. The park is a popular attraction, especially in spring. The beautiful rhododendron bushes usually bloom from mid-May to early June, a sight that is truly amazing to see. Also look out for the slightly anonymous katsura bushes, nicknamed “cookie bushes” (kakbuske) in Swedish, which emit an aroma of freshly baked cookies when the leaves eventually begin to fall.

Askarebygget with blue anemones

If you visit Askarebygget in Simlångsdalen at the right time of year, you will be greeted by a sea of hepatica (blue anemones). You are most likely to see them from April to May near Askarebygget, north-east of Simlångsdalen. After driving through the farmstead, there is a car park. Walk along the upper path until you reach the beautiful fields of hepatica which is a protected flower.

 Flowers in Norre Katts park in Halmstad

Norre Katts park

Norre Katts park's floral splendor

It is difficult to find a place more colourful than the small pond in this park that is surrounded by flowers. With ducks swimming in the water, the small white bridge over the pond and the little yellow building, Rotundan, on the hill, this is a truly magical place. Sit down on one of the benches and soak up all the beauty around you. The enchanting colours of the azaleas and the lush crowns of the various trees.

Galgberget with white anemones and lily of the valley

Up on Galgberget, there are several places with beautiful flowers. If you follow the illuminated route, you will walk past masses of white wood anemones and lilies of the valley. You can also visit the observation tower where there are a number of beautiful rhododendron bushes. Do you want to see even more white anemones? Head to the Möllegård Nature Reserve to admire a veritable sea of these white harbingers of spring. 

Looking out of hiding on Långhultamyren in Halmstad


Black grouse lekking at Långhultamyren

In the Långhultamyren nature reserve (Swe), External link, opens in new window. you may be lucky enough to experience something quite unique in the early mornings from March to May. Go there early, or spend the night in the hideout, and watch the black grouse lekking. Black grouse lekking is loud, bubbly and rather dove-like. It’s a truly unforgettable experience!

God's Green Meadows

The Skipå nature reserve (Swe), External link, opens in new window. or "God’s Green Meadows" as the locals call it, is an area of lovely countryside with pasture lands, beautiful beech forest and an array of blooming flowers in spring. Visit the nature reserve early one spring morning, listen to the birdsong and search for blue anemones on the eastern slope.

View along Prince Bertil's path

View along Prince Bertil's path

Put a spring in your step

Around Halmstad there are many options for lovely day hikes. The easily accessible, 18 km-long coastal hike along Prins Bertil’s Path is suitable all year round and offers varied natural scenery. Many people consider the path, which stretches from Halmstad Castle in the city centre to Möllegård Nature Reserve, External link, opens in new window. to be among the most beautiful trails in all of Halland. Another central hiking route is the Fylleån Trail. Wander through beautiful natural surroundings. During spring 2021, a new branch will open and link the trail from Fyllebro to the Hagön Nature Reserve (Swe) External link, opens in new window. at Östra Stranden beach. Until the new branch opens, the trail is 6 km long.

The Skedalaskog forest is located about 9 kilometres east of Halmstad. It is a very popular area for hiking that has a range of trails with varying degrees of difficulty. The trails range from 3.9 to 7.7 kilometres in length. A little further east you will find Simlångsdalen’s hiking trails with their incredibly beautiful nature. In addition to several nature reserves, there are about ten hiking trails that wind their way through unspoiled nature, along beautiful lakes and through magical, fairytale forests.

Do you want to try living in the wilderness for a few days, or just take a day trip out into the countryside? Whether you're a seasoned hiker or you're looking for a short adventure for the day, the Halland Trail is perfect. You put together your own trip from stages of varying length and difficulty.

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Highlights vårens evenemang

How do you want to experience Halmstad during the spring? We have created a list with some of the spring event highlights in Halmstad.

 Cyclists in the forest in Halmstad

Photo: Joakim Leihed

Head out by bike and motorcycle

As the weather gets warmer and sunnier, the motorcycle season kicks off. This is a great way to explore new places, not least Halmstad! There are both smaller and larger roads to ride along. Make your way through dense forests, along beautiful coastline and through restful villages that you can explore along the way. Halland's coastal road, from Halmstad to Falkenberg, will give you a little bit of everything. There are many fantastic places well worth stopping at. Of course, this route can be done by car as well.

Lovely cycling trails

In Halmstad we have several fantastic cycling trails with varied destinations that offer lots of attractions into the bargain. Choose your bike and experience the Halland atmosphere up close!

Because the trails connect to each other, you can easily design and combine your own cycle tour. All the trails below pass Slottsbron bridge at Halmstad Castle. Some of the trails also meet at other locations.

Children fish in backlight

Photo: Mostphotos, Katja Kircher

Premiere season – time for fishing, golf and camping

Now it’s finally time to find your fishing rod and polish your golf clubs. Premiere season is here. On 1 March, the fishing season in Nissan and Fylleån starts. Golf clubs are coming back to life after the winter break and are looking forward to a new season of activity. When is your premiere?

Fishing premiere

In Halmstad, there are lots of places that are perfect for fishing: the sea, lakes and streams. Thanks to careful fishery management, Halland is one of Sweden’s biggest fishing regions. Let’s go fishing! You can easily get to the places where you want to fish by cycling or using public transport.

On our page about fishing in Halmstad, we have put together some tips on fishing waters depending on the type of fish you want to fish. On the same page, you will find information about where to buy a fishing permit.

Ringenäs Golf Club in Halmstad

Ringenäs Golf Club. Photo: Per Nilsson

The golf season begins

Eight unique facilities and 153 golf holes in scenic surroundings. Every year, tens of thousands of golfers enjoy great rounds of golf in Golf Capital Halmstad. We would be delighted if you joined us!

Golfers come to Halmstad to play golf, socialise and relax. We have a wide range of golf packages (Swe) to choose from, for those looking for rural tranquility, easy access to the city centre, or a golf and spa combination.

Woman sitting in deck chair in front of camper

Photo: Mostphotos, Andrey Armyagov

It’s camping time!

When spring arrives, the camping season also kicks off. Halmstad has many campsites. Along a 42-kilometre stretch of coastline in Halmstad, there are as many as seven coastal campsites! Here, you are close to the sea, forest, lakes, nature reserves, activities, hiking trails and much more. Take a look at our camping page and find the place you want to explore! We have also put together tips on stopover sites on a separate page.

Are you after a more luxurious camping experience? In that case, we can recommend glamping! Most “glamping” sites offer unique accommodations far from stressful city life and mere minutes from the glittering sea along Sweden’s most beautiful coast. Bengtzeli’s homely glamping tent External link, opens in new window. is located in a forest in Steninge, north of Halmstad. In Villshärad, Cozy Glamping External link, opens in new window. offers a cosy canvas tent just 1.5 kilometres from the beach. Quite simply, a perfect getaway!

 Young people who try Stand up Paddle on Fylleån in Halmstad

Photo: KiteKalle

Children and family – tips for different ages

Halmstad welcomes visitors of all ages. For our youngest visitors, we have gathered guides with 20 tips in each. Activities for the whole family, but that are particularly fun for kids. Take a family trip to Halmstad!

 Two people walk along the river Nissan in Halmstad

Photo: Minna Elisa

Weekend i Halmstad

Spring is perfect time for a weekend. We have put together suggestions for weekend trips for you. Do you want something tailor-made just for you? Contact Halmstad Tourist Centre via e-mail, phone or the chat function bottom right, and we would be delighted to help you find the activities suited to your weekend experience of Halmstad. Welcome to Halmstad!

A man looks out over the sea

Photo: MP Marjan, Mostphoto

A refreshing spring bath

No one could have missed the fact that cold baths have become a trend. Have you wanted to try it, but haven’t yet taken the plunge? Or are you dreading it because you fear it’ll be too cold? Then maybe springtime is the right season for you to get started. The water is not as icy as in the coldest months of winter, but still cold enough for a refreshing dip and a soft start for the coming autumn and winter.

Which beach will you choose for your first dip of the year? On our Cold baths page we have assembled some bathing tips for people who want to try cold baths.

Halmstad castle

Halmstad castle


Join us on a historic city walk in central Halmstad.

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