10 Instagram friendly places

Ten photo friendly views and places that bring out the cameras in Halmstad. Add them to your “click list”. Have you taken a photo you are extra happy with? Send it to us and maybe you get it published on our Instagram account, @destinationhalmstad! You can find more information below on how to proceed.

1. Halmstad Castle

Halmstad Castle, which is 400 years old in 2019, is an almost obligatory photo. The castle’s glorious red is enhanced by the adjacent waters of the Nissan river.

2. Tylösand

Tylösand’s beach is one of Sweden’s best and most famous beaches. Its beach life is colourful and the unique, exhilaratingly raked lifeguard station gives an extra dimension to any photo. If you also manage to get Tylön island into the picture, you have a winner!

3. Drottning Kristina Passagen (Queen Christina Passage)

In the heart of Halmstad, this picturesque, courtyard-like area is home to small businesses and cafés. Take the opportunity to enjoy some refreshments as you work out where to go next.

4. Galgberget

A visit to Halmstad is only complete when you have wandered up Galgberget hill. From here, you have a fantastic view across Halmstad. Enjoy the beech forest by taking one of the many trails that meander through this naturally beautiful area. Visit the venerable Hallandsgården open-air museum to discover more of our history while savouring a Swedish waffle. There is something to photograph everywhere you look on Galgberget.

5. The rhododendron park

The rhododendron park is at Tjuvahålan in Tylösand. When the bushes blossom in late spring, this is an enchanting and magical place. Capturing all the colours in a photo is a true challenge.

6. Slottsmöllan

Originally the site of a windmill (serving the castle) and then an industrial mill area, the whole of Slottsmöllan is a good place for a photo safari. The old, tile façades are full of exciting detail. Wander along the Nissan river and watch the bird life and how the water is rushing or mirroring all around it. With its “water stairs”, the old bridge across the river makes a fine picture.

7. Vallgatan

Vallgatan is amongst the oldest parts of Halmstad. Its small, old buildings beautifully frame the streets that meander through the area. You will discover new photo angles from every corner!

8. The city library

Thanks to its position next to the Nissan river, Halmstad City Library is a true landmark. It is especially beguiling in the evenings with all its lights reflected in the adjacent water.

9. Norre Port

At Norre Port (North Gate), you can capture history with your camera. Norre Port was part of the city’s old fortifications dating from the 1600s and an important part of Halmstad. The gate is equally stately whatever the weather and time of day.

10. Norre Katts park

Walking northward along Halmstad City’s Storgatan takes you to Norre Katts park. With magnolias, rhododendrons, azaleas, lime tress and colourful flower beds, it offers a rich variety of flora. At the top of a hill, the yellow Rotundan café peers royally down on its surrounds.

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