Getting around

In Halmstad, everything is near. Within the city, most people walk to wherever they want to go. Our cycle lanes get you around the entire municipality. Buses, cars and motorbikes are a good alternative when travelling further away from the city centre towards our salty beaches and dense, verdant forests.

On foot

Getting around on foot is easy in Halmstad City. You can stroll between cafés, shops, restaurants and hotels while enjoying the Nissan river as it flows to the sea.

Halmstad has many naturally beautiful walking trails. The Halland trail is something for seasoned walkers. However, to suit all tastes, we also have many day-long walks (and even shorter). If you want to stay out in the countryside, but do not have your own tent, why not try overnighting in one of our permanent, three-sided shelters or borrowing a tent from Fritidsbanken?


Halmstad has both small, local and large, national cycle trails. Here, we cycle all the time. On a bicycle, you really experience your surroundings. Because we love all sorts of cycling, we have brought together all Halmstad’s cycle-friendly places on a single page. Mountain biking, fatbiking and other cycling options are all here.

If you have not brought your own bicycle, or would simply like to try something new, there are several rental options. These include Rent a bike Halmstad (part of Kitekalle) and Levin & Nilsson. Several hotels also offer cycling packages and rental.


For slightly longer journeys, city and regional buses are a perfect option. Buses can take you around local areas, out to the coast and even further into our dense forests. Most buses run via Halmstad Resecentrum next to the railway station. Many city buses also stop at Stora torg in the city’s heart. Find your bus via

Cars, motorbikes and parking

With a car or motorbike, you can easily get to any part of Halmstad whenever you want. If you need to hire a car, your options include Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Hyrbilsdepån, Mabi, Budget and Sixt. Several of these offer collection at Halmstad City Airport.

Outside central Halmstad and Tylösand, most parking is free. Central Halmstad has over 7,200 parking spaces managed by the municipality of Halmstad. There are also private companies offering parking spaces. View all the municipal parking spacesexternal link, opens in new window.

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