Halmstad Theatre

Step in through the doors of Halmstad Theatre. All around you, you will hear an expectant hum. You’ve just entered a world where everyone around you wants to share the same experience. You are in Halmstad Theatre and the feeling is magical.

 Guest hangs jackets in wardrobe at Halmstads Teater

The broad staircase takes you up to the level where it all happens. You leave your coat in the cloakroom. Maybe you get something to drink from the bar and chat with friends. It is soon time. You and all the other expectant theatre-goers make your way in through the doors into the auditorium. You sit down. The curtain goes up.

When you step into Halmstad Theatre, you’re stepping straight into a world of experiences. Both on stage. And off stage. Welcome to the realm of experiences!

 People eating lunch and watching theater

Lunch theater. Photo: Anders Sällström

A wide range

Do you want to experience the magic of a theatre performance? Or really laugh your head off? Maybe you want to enjoy the opera televised live from the Metropolitan? Or maybe you’re attracted by a fantastic show? Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here at Halmstad Theatre. The entire range of exciting events can be found on Halmstad Theatre’s website (Swe) External link, opens in new window.. If you want to be kept up-to-date, you can sign up to receive the events newsletter (Swe) External link, opens in new window.!

Live televised opera and lunch at the theatre

Opera performances televised live from the Metropolitan Opera in New York combined with lunch at the theatre are arranged on a recurring basis. During a lunch at the theatre, you can enjoy a wonderful combination of good food in good company, seasoned with entertainment. What could be better?


Several meetings are also held at Halmstad Theatre every week. Both large conferences and smaller meetings. We can help you to tailor your meetings to suit your particular business, association or organisation.

 Many at conference sitting on chairs at tables

Phone: Anders Sällström

An artistic pensioner

While waiting for the performance to begin, you can study the art that can be found on both the ceilings and the walls. Halmstad Theatre is richly adorned with art. In the foyer, for example, there is a large mural, to which all the artists in the Halmstad group have contributed.

The Halmstad group is well represented, with works by its members all around the theatre. In addition, both auditoriums and conference rooms have been named after members of the group. As well as the Halmstad group, there are also works by Sven X:et Erixon, Liss Eriksson and Barbro Nilsson.

 Artwork with two blurred people in front

Photo: Mattias Johansson


Halmstad Theatre, this gem of an experience venue, was inaugurated in November 1954 and celebrated its 65th birthday in 2019. The Dance of Death, a play written by August Strindberg, was performed at the premiere.

During the inauguration, a journalist from Hallandsposten wrote “It has an exterior that impresses thanks to its clean surfaces. The functionalism that the architects have worked with has created festivity without ostentation and monumentality without overloading. Anyone who takes the time to look more closely will finds how small, insignificant details complete the whole.” The building became famous right across the country as it had the largest auditorium outside of the major cities.

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