Gyllene Tider – Welcome to Micke Syd's dream room

Welcome to the room where dreams were born. Many dreams took shape in this room. Perhaps he would become a professional football player. Or play in a band. Ultimately, Micke Syd chose music. How did that work out? If you instantly recognize the name of a band from Halmstad, Gyllene Tider, we can safely say that it worked out pretty well!

Micke Syd – this mild-mannered country boy has drummed his way into our hearts. Yes, he does proudly call himself a country boy (lantis in Swedish). Of the five band members in Gyllene Tider, three (!) come from Harplinge: Anders, Mats MP and Micke Syd. Per is from Halmstad and Göran from Åled.

Tips for Gyllene Tider fans

Are you a Gyllene Tider fan? Then don't miss Halmstad Stories External link, opens in new window. with two guides on Gyllene Tider. Explore meaningful landmarks in the band's history and hear their own stories. In the summer of 2024, the exhibition The Gyllene Tider Experience will also be held in central Halmstad.

Micke Syd läser brev från fans.

Micke Syd läser brev från fans. Foto: Joakim Leihed

Harplinge and Halmstad – home sweet home

Micke has lived in Stockholm for many years now. But his home – his real home – is in Harplinge outside Halmstad.

– Growing up in the countryside has really shaped who I am. The environment you grow up in is extremely important. Harplinge is so peaceful, and it’s nice to think that this small community has given birth to artists like Mariette and us – me, Anders and Mats.

What did you dream about when you were sitting in your childhood room?

– One of my dreams was to be able to get out and play music. We were incredibly driven. My best friend Anders and I played football until we were 17, then we quit to focus on music. That didn’t go over very well with some people. ‘To hell with music, you can't make a living’, we were told. We didn't listen.

Hang out beside Micke Syd's bed

In a unique pop-up exhibition in Halmstad city this summer (2024), you will be able to see pieces of Micke's childhood room. The furnishings are taken directly from his parents' home, where the room has been left untouched since he moved away. Covering the bed is the tiger bedspread that he saved up for as a 16-year-old. The painting that hangs above the bed was put together by Per Gessle as an 18th birthday present. Under the bed are drawers filled with fan letters. He still keeps in touch with some of them. If you stop by in Halmstad, you are sure to discover even more fun and nostalgic details. Micke Syd's dreams took shape in this very room. What are your dreams?

Kollage från Per Gessle till Micke Syd

Kollage från Per Gessle till Micke Syd. Foto: Joakim Leihed

What is the most whimsical item here in the room?

– It's probably my Gremlin. I loved the comedy horror film Gremlins, so I just had to have one. I got the teddy bear from a fan.

Why is Micke is called Micke Syd?

Once upon a time, there were two guys who went out on tour, but in different bands. One was from Mora, and one was from Halmstad. Both shared the last name Andersson. Both were named Micke. So, I guess you can figure out that it was changed to avoid confusion, and someone named our Harplinge Micke, Micke Syd. And so, it was only logical to add the word Nord for the other. Micke Syd is now Micke Syd for real. So, now you know the story.

Micke Syd's tips for a perfect summer

We asked for 5 but got 7. That says a lot about what a generous guy he is.

  1. Haverdal's beach, it's our beach and offers a lovely mix of country charm and the sea.The Haverdal nature reserve, the pine forest is simply enchanting. Bring a picnic basket and take time to unwind and enjoy.Hallandsgården – tasty waffles and a wonderful open-air museum.
  2. Söderpiren (Soth pier) – great hang out and good fika.
  3. Börje's Konditori (cafe) in Harplinge is a must. A perfect spot for Swedish fika or delectable baked goods to take with you.
  4. Örjan's Vall, when HBK plays. Go along Nissan, past Slottsmöllan. Then sit on the bleachers facing the warm sun – enjoy!
  5. Skallen (“The Skull”) – a magical lookout point. Especially at sunset.

As you can see, Micke is always up for fika. But he's also a very nice guy. In his own words: “I am a traveling salesman selling joy. It is fantastic to be one of the people in the world who spreads joy through music.

This or that

Micke's choices are marked in bold.
Sunrise or sunset?
Coffee or tea?
Forest or sea?
Hotel or camping?
Fishing or hiking?
Art or history?
City or countryside?
Football or handball?

Micke Syd med brev från fans.

Micke Syd med brev från fans. Foto: Joakim Leihed

More with Micke Syd

We dug a little deeper to find the Micke Syd the world doesn’t always get to see. “I am generally a calm and quiet person”, said Micke when we interviewed him. Perhaps a bit strange considering that drums are such an explosive and intense instrument. At the same time, the pounding can match the rhythm of a heartbeat. It gets in you, passes through.

Micke Syd is a person with many sides. Just when you think you've seen them all, there's another under the surface. After all, he is a Pisces, so that might have something to do with it.

He is simple, complicated, serious and funny all at once. A thinker. And a man who loves his fika. It was Micke Syd and MP who drove the tour bus when the band was out on tour. At least during the first few years. Like most other people, he tried alcohol as a teenager. But he decided it didn’t taste good or result in anything good. So that was that. The same applies today.

The draw towards the inner journey has always been there. This has led him to study Kinesiology and several other holistic practices. Lately, Mindful Tapping has his attention. This knowledge is something he wants to share in the future. Exciting!

Music was and remains incredibly important! In his teenage years, he was drawn to bands like Supertramp, Kiss, Sweet, Slade, Deep Purple, Genesis, Rush…. The list goes on and on. But Gyllene Tider was at the top of the list, of course.

The band got their big break in 1980 when they played the song Flickorna on TV2 on the popular TV programme Møndagsbörsen. It instantly caught on throughout Sweden. And it has continued to this day. We love our Gyllene Tider.

Despite the band’s enormous popularity, the guys have kept their feet on the ground. Micke Syd believes that one of the reasons things went so well for them is because they were just a bunch of "guys from the countryside". And you can’t miss the pride in his voice when he says that. He had a happy and quiet upbringing in Harplinge and the surrounding area.

Anslagstavla i micke Syds pojkrum i Halmstad.

Anslagstavla i micke Syds pojkrum. Foto: Joakim Leihed

Micke Syd cares about more than himself – and it shows.

He has travelled to Ukraine three times together with the fundraising foundation Blåljus in a collaboration to deliver used ambulances and fire trucks. In addition to the aid to Ukraine, the foundation collects money for emergency services workers who have been injured, or for families of those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

He has also built a 55 plus residence in Haverdal where his parents will live. This is a man who always does what is close to his heart.

– You know what?, says Micke Syd. Throughout our career, we have been able to create the soundtrack for people's lives. That’s great. We translate life experiences into song. Songs that talk about joy, sadness, love and everything in between.

It's like what Per once wrote in the song Här kommer alla känslor på en och samma gång (“Here come your feelings all at once”). Thanks for the music, Micke Syd and the whole gang from Gyllene Tider. You have given us so many wonderful moments over the years.

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