If you would like to combine refreshments with 400-year-old architecture, Brooktorpsgården at Kyrkogatan 12 in Halmstad is a must. This is one of Halmstad’s oldest buildings. Home-baked pastries, sandwiches and lunches are on the menu... and, of course, refreshments always taste even better when served in a heritage-listed, half-timbered building with a rich history.

There’s something special about Brooktorpsgården. You can really feel the wingbeats of history as you crouch down and step through the low entrance. The small, picturesque courtyard opens up in front of you. Here you can enjoy a lunch or perhaps a great cup of coffee under the warming rays of the sun. If you’d rather sit inside and eat, climb to the top of the stairs, where you’ll be greeted by the pleasant staff. On the menu you will find everything from delicious cakes and sandwiches to salads and burger patties. There is something for every taste.

Halmstad’s oldest building

Brooktorpsgården is one of Halmstad’s oldest buildings. Nobody knows the exact age of the farm, but the residential building is believed to date from the 18th century. The half-timbered style was common during this century. The district in which the farm is located is also called Brooktorp, and one theory is that the medieval town may have been situated here.

Brooktorpsgården’s ownership document

If you look at Brooktorpsgården’s ownership document, you can see that it dates right back to the 17th century. It’s a little exciting, isn’t it?!

17th century

1650–1660 Johan Bostelius, customs collector
1669 approx. Bostelius’ child
1670s Anders Tingelman (Bostelius’ son-in-law), customs manager
1679 Tingelman’s child
1679–1698 Magnus Turbelius, castle preacher

18th century

1700–1738 Unknown
1738(?)–1750 Jacob Esbiörnson
1778–1779 Bengt Swenson, workman
1788 Johan Johansson, workman
1790(?)–1803 Aspergren, carpenter

19th century

1803 Johan Ekberg, ship’s captain, with wife Bengta Olsdotter
1846 Bengt Ekberg, pastor
1849 P.A. Hjelmström, customs officer
1849 Johannes Larsson, police constable monitoring transport of prisoners
1866 Lars Bernhard Larsson, farmer, with wife Joh. Elisabeth Jönsson
1876 Anders Nilsson, farmhand, and Neta Kristina Magnusdotter (later Nilsson), maid.

20th century

1913 Neta Kristina Magnusdotter
1916 Augusta Josefina Nilsson (daughter of Neta Kristina Magnusdotter), primary school teacher
1918 Halland Museum Association

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