Summer and sun in Tylösand

Tylösand is well-known, both in Sweden and outside the country's borders. There are a number of reasons why: Four kilometres of fantastic beach, pulsating After Beach bars, a life-saving school, a top-class golf course, unique restaurants and wonderful countryside. The list never ends. Welcome to Tylösand.

Beach and bathing

Perhaps the first thing you think of when you hear the name Tylösand is the four-kilometre-long beach. It has been named Sweden’s best beach time and time again. Wonderful bathing is guaranteed here. On hot summer days, the sun loungers are close together. It gives you a wonderful Mediterranean feel. If you want a slightly quieter environment, you can walk a few metres north towards the Nyrebäcken River estuary or choose one of the beautiful sand dunes. All you need to bring is a cool bag, sunscreen and a ball, and we promise that you’ll have a great day at the beach. If you’ve forgotten the cool bag, there are of course kiosks available selling snacks, ice cream and drinks.

South of Tylösand beach you will find Tjuvahålan and Svärjarehålan. The two bays have a small beach, rocks and a jetty – perfect for the whole family. Svärjarehålan is a beach adapted for disabled visitors. Here you will also find a 200-metre-long snorkelling trail, with ten underwater signs covering the most common species you might encounter beneath the surface.

The Tylösand lifeguards

The Halmstad-Söndrum Lifeguard Society has protected Tylösand beach since the 1960s. From mid-June to mid-August, there are qualified lifeguards on duty along the beach. The unique lifeguard tower offers views of the entire Tylö Bay. The Lifeguard Society also runs Sweden's only sea lifeguard training. During summer, the club organises swimming schools and children's and youth activities. Every year, Lifeguard Day is held, with demonstrations from the emergency services. There, you have the chance to meet firefighters, ambulance staff and lifeboat operators, and to look at how their equipment works. A very enjoyable and popular family activity.

Events and activities

Is there any better way to finish a day at the beach than with live music? Throughout the summer, After Beach activities take place at Solgården, which is part of Hotel Tylösand. Solgården is a wonderful amphitheatre between the sand dunes and the hotel. Many people also enjoy live music from the dunes outside. During July and into August, there are music concerts and stand-up performances. Artists who have visited Solgården include Hoffmaestro, Petra Marklund, Ulf Lundell and Magnus Uggla.
The unique St. Olof’s Chapel was originally built in 1721. Unfortunately the chapel was demolished, but it was rebuilt and inaugurated in 1950. Great effort has been made to find original parts. The chapel is beautifully situated with a wonderful view out over the sea. During the summer, singers, jazz evenings and other events are hosted here.

There are many different activities you can participate in at Tylösand. Along the beach there is a beach volleyball net and the option of surfing in all its forms. You will find several mini-golf courses and, of course, Halmstad Golf Club. Tylösand is a perfect area for bird watching, cosy evening walks and good food. Every year a boat trip is usually arranged out to Tylön, with a visit to the Tylön lighthouse, as part of Lighthouse Day. Are you interested in art? At Hotel Tylösand you will find Sweden’s largest art gallery, Tres Hombres Art. It’s open 24 hours a day.

Hiking and cycling

Kattegattleden – European Cycle Route of the Year in 2018 – passes Tylösand. Along the route, you will experience spectacular scenery at very close range. The 395-kilometre cycle route extends along the coast from Helsingborg to Gothenburg.

Tylösandsleden is a 25-kilometre, more rural route close to the centre of Halmstad. Among other things, you’ll pass Halmstad Castle, Tylösand, Söndrums Church, Galgberget, Hallandsgården and the Norre Katt park during the tour.

Prince Bertil’s Route, the 18-kilometre-long hiking trail, starts at Halmstad Castle and passes Tylösand. The route ends at the Möllegård nature reserve. A walk along the trail offers a variety of countryside and historical features that are well worth a visit at any time of the year.

Restaurants and bars

Tylösand has outstanding options when your stomach begins to rumble.

  • Bettans Bar – Fish and seafood overlooking the sea next to Solgården and Hotel Tylösand
  • Halmstad Golf Club – the clubhouse in Tylösand houses a restaurant for all seasons. Just in time for its 75th anniversary, the prestigious restaurant was named Golf Restaurant of the Year.
  • Hygge External link, opens in new window. – Crêperie with fantastic galettes and crêpes.
  • Leifs Bar & Grill – This trendy restaurant serves delicious pizzas and tasty cuts of meat. Located at Hotel Tylösand
  • Punch Restaurant & Bar – Restaurant serving pizzas, burgers and delicious drinks. A visit here can be combined with a tournament at the restaurant's adventure golf course.
  • Restaurang Flamingo (swe) External link, opens in new window. – Beach front restaurant with pizza, grill and bar.

  • Restaurant Salt – In a unique location down by the rocks at Tylösand, you can eat good food after a day at the beach or in time for the sunset. Fish and seafood restaurant.
  • Restaurant Tylöhus – Hotel Tylösand’s classic restaurant, open all year round
  • Titus Tapas – Tapas at Hotel Tylösand
  • Tylebäck – Pleasant lunch restaurant located between the sea and the Möllegård nature reserve.

Accommodation in Tylösand

You will find varied accommodation in Tylösand. Book into the classic Hotel Tylösand or Tylebäck Hotell & Konferens. If you’re into camping, you can choose between First Camp Tylösand and First Camp karlstorp Halmstad. If you are looking for something smaller there’s the cosy Hotel Trasten or the Pine Cottage cabin. Enjoy a good night's sleep in Tylösand.

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