Snorkelling trail at Svärjarehålan

Discover life under the water’s surface while snorkelling along the 200 metres of the trail. Among the different types of beautiful seaweed, a wonderful underwater forest rich in wildlife has been formed.

The snorkelling trail is a kind of nature trail, but in the water. Along the snorkelling trail you will find signs to guide you through and give you information on the most common species you may encounter along the trail. The signs are screwed to concrete foundations and have handles to hold on to when you are reading them under the water. The illustrations on the signs were painted by Emelie Andersen and Frida Nettellbladt. If you’re good at holding your breath, feel free to brush the algae off the signs.

On the sandy sea bed you can discover plenty of small and large animals. Different types of mussels, worms and fish are buried a few centimetres underneath, or well-camouflaged. All species have their history and way of living, but they are dependent on each other to survive here, along the Halmstad coast.

Be sure to keep an eye on each other. It’s best to snorkel in pairs.

The snorkelling trail – the result of effective collaboration

The snorkelling trail at Svärjarehålan was opened on 5 July 2013 and was the first in Halland. Its aim is to increase knowledge of what is beneath the surface, just a stone's throw away in the water. The hope is that it will also lead to increased interest in our marine environment and how we can protect it.

The trail is the result of a collaboration between the Halmstad Nature Conservation Association, Halmstad municipality and Halmstad Diving School. The trail has been funded by grants from LONA (the local conservation initiative), Halmstad Nature Conservation Association, Halmstad municipality and with the help of hundreds of hours of volunteer work.

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