Small bays and cliffs

Do you prefer things on a small scale? Do you want to find cosy coves and glorious rock pools? We’ve put together some gems for you.

Bays along Prince Bertil's Trail

Along the wonderful Prince Bertil’s Trail, which extends from Halmstad Castle away towards Tylösand and then further on towards Möllegård, there are a number of cosy and unique bays. Jansa jetty and Vita Bandet have wonderful long shallow family pools with great opportunities for crab fishing. It’s often very quiet here. The long jetty came into being thanks to Gustav Jansson, manager of the quarry in Grötvik. Gustav started quarrying on his own land in 1899 and began to build a pier to be able to transport the stone. The work stopped, but fortunately for us the jetty remains. Grötvik is an old fishing village where you can both swim on a sandy beach and by the rocks ¬ but please do not bathe at the harbour entrance where a lot of boats operate.

Beyond Grötvik we have Sandhamn. You can also bathe by the rocks and sandy beach here. If you’re lucky you might catch sight of Per Gessle of Roxette on the beach. Further along Prince Bertil’s Trail you will pass Svärjarehålan, a small bay accessible to the disabled with many green spaces. Svärjarehålan is staffed during the summer. Finally, before we reach the flagship beach of Tylösand, there is Tjuvahålan, a cosy little family beach which is mostly sand, but also has rocks and a jetty. Perfect for making sandcastles, crab fishing and barbecues. The beach was often used by smugglers until the end of the 19th century, hence the name “Thieves’ Cave”.

Small bays in the north

In northern Halmstad there are also a number of smaller bays which are extremely cosy. Steninge has a small, family-friendly sandy beach. The area also offers fantastic hiking in nature reserves.
In Särdal, the cows have been quietly grazing on the flowering vegetation next to the beach since ancient times. Here, it feels as if time has stood still. At the southern part of the sandy beach, Särdal nature reserve starts. If you’re lucky here, you can see the protected lesser butterfly-orchid.
At the Skallkroken pier there is a small beautiful sandy beach next door to open fields. Wandering along the beach, you will reach cliffs where you can find engraved messages, a contemporary form of rock carvings.

Bathing by the rocks

In Halmstad, the majority of beaches are fine-grained sandy beaches, but even if you prefer rocks, there are places to swim. These are often combined with sandy beaches.
Take a trip to the charming Steninge beach with its rocks warmed by the sun and a pier out to Stora Skär, where the crabs like to hide. Sandhamn and Grötvik are two smaller beaches along Prince Bertil’s Trail. In the old fishing village of Grötvik there are both rocks and a small sandy beach. Påarp and Laxvik are two small bays with nice sandy beaches for families, and also grass and rocks. Here you can feel the hand of history at Påarp’s Iron Age burial grounds.

Water quality and temperature

On the website of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, during the bathing season you can see the current forecast, with water quality, algae formation and water temperature.

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