Halmstad Arena Baths

In addition to a number of fantastic beaches of varied character, Halmstad also offers a lovely water park – Halmstad Arena Baths. There are lots of opportunities here for mischief and play.

In the adventure pool, water slides, a water pistes, water chutes, and whirlpool areas are waiting to attract bathers. For the youngest children there is a separate children's section and there are activity pools for fitness swimming and diving. There is an in-house wellness area with a gym and café under the same roof. In addition, the baths have a wellness area with a gym and a café.

 Water slides

Photo: Jesper Molin

The water in the adventure pool is at a comfortable temperature of 30ºC and the pools are 0-1.4 metres deep. The adventure pool also has a children's section with a mini-slide, splashing areas, floating toys and an umbrella. It’s noticeable here that the theme is “Halmstad”, with the salmon figures squirting water and the “Nissan” flowing into the large pool.

Relaxation and diving

If you need a break from all the playing and fun, take a moment to relax in the 37ºC water in the whirlpool. If you’re here on a Thursday evening, you can enjoy adults’ evening swimming. If you're hungry for a bit more adventure, try springboard diving from one metre or dive from the high board three metres up. You’ll land in 30ºC water, in a 3.8-metre-deep pool.

 Toddler baths

Photo: Anders Andersson

Exercise and lessons

The bath house also has a 25-metre exercise pool with eight lanes. It’s slightly cooler here – 28ºC in the water and an air temperature of approximately 29ºC. The warmer activity pool, 32ºC, is mainly used for swimming lessons and rehab training, but is sometimes open to the public. The bottom of the activity pool is height adjustable and can range from 0-165 cm.

Younger bathers

Children under the age of 12 can swim and play at the baths with an adult capable of swimming. Children of 12 years old and over who can swim are welcome to visit the Arena Bath without adult accompaniment. All visitors must pay an entrance fee, even if not swimming.

Exterior of Halmstad Arena

Photo: Anders Andersson

More than just swimming

Halmstad Arena Baths are part of the multi-use Halmstad Arena, which also contains ice rinks, a variety of sports halls, restaurants and a large main hall where world class sport, performances, trade fairs and shows can be enjoyed.

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