Boosting health and energy with a cold dip

We, the people of Halland, like taking dips. Even in the winter. Would you like to try a winter dip in Halmstad? Well... you’ve come to the right place!

Halmstad has a long tradition of beneficial, spa baths. As early as the 20th century, the first spa guests were coming here to enjoy our long, sandy beaches in both winter and summer.

A cold dip is good for the health. It improves blood circulation, strengthens the heart and gives energy. Regardless of the place or season, you can enjoy the buzz after a cold dip and feel the positive effect it has on your body and your mood. In Halmstad, there are lots of bathing-friendly jetties from which to take dips in the refreshing water.

 Three people bathe in a sauna on Östra stranden in Halmstad.

sauna on Östra stranden

Cold dips off the coast

We have a couple of tips for those who want to plunge into the sea from a jetty. Tjuvahålan has an intriguing history. This cosy cove was once the haunt of smugglers. At Svärjarehålan there is a disabled-friendly beach with rocks, sand and grass areas.

Cold dips in lakes

If you prefer your cold dips in mirror-smooth lakes, we can recommend Gyltigesjön, Simlången, Brearedssjön, Trovsjön, Toftasjön, Stora, Skärsjön and Tostarpasjön. There are bathing jetties at some of the lakes. Most of them also have a barbecue area. Read more about the lakes in our guide on fresh water bathing.

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