45 km of swim-friendly beaches

Is there anything more wonderful than taking a dip in the sea? Feeling the soft sand between your toes and hearing the rolling waves against the shore. The warming sensation from the sun’s rays and the freshness of the cooling winds.

Halmstad has 45 kilometres of swim-friendly coastline. There’s something here for everyone: adventurous swimming by the rocks, small cosy coves or large expanses of sandy beaches. To help you to find your favourite beach, we’ve compiled a number of swimming guides for you. These cover all the large sandy beaches. You should also take the opportunity to look at our guide featuring small bays and cliffs. In Halmstad, a long-awaited dip is always close by. Make a day of it at the beach!

 Girl lying in hammock on the beach

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Tylösand, our flagship

The famous Tylösand is the flagship among Halmstad’s beaches. The attractions of Tylösand are fine sand, protective sand dunes and rolling waves. On sunny summer days, the beach towels are close together and the atmosphere is buzzing at Solgården’s After Beach bar long before the sun starts setting. The beach at Tylösand continues onto Frösakull. There is more space for beach volleyball and tennis here. Frösakull beach continues on towards Ringenäs where you can park just ten metres from the beach. The area is particularly popular with windsurfers.

Liväddartornet och stranden i Tylösand

Beaches to the north

In the north of Halmstad we have Villshärad and Haverdal, a three-kilometre-long sandy beach lined with large, distinct sand dunes. Here, you can sunbathe undisturbed or shelter if the wind gets up. The beach is wide and shallow. It also has one of Scandinavia's tallest sand dunes – the Lynga sand dune. You can reach the sand dune through the magical forest of the Haverdal nature reserve. The beach is wide and the sea shallow.

In the city and southern Halmstad

South of Halmstad, and still close to the city you will find the classic Östra stranden seaside resort, where beach huts nestle among the dunes. It’s shallow and family-friendly. Gröningen on Östra stranden is one of Halmstad’s two bathing areas adapted for disabled visitors. Östra stranden is popular with people less keen on bathing in the sea as the temperature is often a little higher due to its shallowness. Further south, we have Påarp and Laxvik, which are pleasant family beaches with both rocks and sand. Before we get to Mellbystrand in Laholm municipality, there are also Gullbranna and Tönnersa beaches. Gullbranna has a kilometre-long, child-friendly sandy beach that ends at the mouth of the River Lagan. Tönnersa offers eye-catching dunes and is part of the Tönnersa nature reserve.

The most central beach is Västra stranden. This beach is not an official bathing site. You’re therefore welcome to take a dip with your dog here. The beach is only a short walk from Halmstad city centre. If you’re looking for more nature and a longer walk we recommend a walk along Prince Bertil's Trail.

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Naturist bathing

Two kilometres from the centre of Halmstad, we find Östra stranden with its six-kilometre-long white beach. The official naturist bathing area, "Heden", also known as the nude bath, is located in the far south at the mouth of the River Fylleån near Hagön campsite. The sea is shallow and the beach beautifully located in the Hagön nature reserve. The beach has featured in lists of the top naturist beaches on a number of occasions.

Water quality and temperature

On the website of the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, during the bathing season you can see the current forecast, with water quality, algae formation and water temperature.

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