Home Tourism Day

Home Tourism Day (Turista hemma) is when Halmstad people are invited to discover and explore Halmstad and its fantastic offerings.

In 2019, Home Tourism Day took a break. Whether Home Tourism Day will take place in 2020 has not yet been decided.

Of course, this includes masses of experiences. Often many more than you may first imagine. It is easy to lose track and forget all the amazing experiences just around the corner. So that you do not miss Halmstad’s offerings, we encourage you to be better at “visiting Halmstad” or, in other words, to cultivate the art of home tourism.

Home Tourism Day takes place in May and has attracted many inquisitive residents since its inauguration in 2012. Why not go on a lovely Sunday outing with the family to discover new pearls and rediscover old ones?

Try out everything from sights and experiences to different forms of accommodation, restaurants and cafés. How about a guided tour or a new activity? Seize the opportunities and experience as many new things as you can!

About Home Tourism Day

Home Tourism Day is a project arranged by Halmstad Tourist Centre, which is a part of Destination Halmstad. The aim is that we should have lots of skilful Halmstad ambassadors who help us spread the word and inspire others to discover our surroundings. We hope that all people living in and around Halmstad get to know their city better and become more aware and proud of what there is to see, do and experience here.

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