Gravel Grit´n Grind Halmstad

August 19-21, 2022

Gravel, Grit´n Grind Halmstad is a three-day stage race combining elements of road and mountain biking. The competition is part of the International Cycling Union’s new gravel road race series, the 2022 Trek UCI Gravel World Series. The Swedish organizer is Cancano Tours AB.

Even those of you who are amateurs can compete, as long as you are a member of an association and have a permit.

 Three cyclists

Photo: Jonas Arnesson ©Cancano Tours AB

Learn more about the event

Gravel, Grit´n Grind Halmstad is a gravel road cycling race in a category of cycling called “gravel,” meaning that it takes place mainly on unsealed roads. This is a type of sport that is constantly growing in popularity and attracts the world’s best cyclists, therefore we can look forward to seeing international stars here in Halmstad. Saturday’s race, an official qualifier event for the UCI Gravel World Series later this autumn, is a worldwide event. And Halmstad is the only event in Northern Europe of the series of UCI-sanctioned races!

A bit more about the races

The competition consists of three races. Participants can choose to compete in one or more races. You can see a map of the races on the event’s Instagram page. External link, opens in new window.

  • Race 1, August 19, 23 km, central Halmstad
    From 9 am, participants will start individually by the Nissan river between the Örjans Vall stadium and Norre Katts Park. The awards ceremony will take place at 5 pm in Norre Katts Park.
  • Race 2, August 20, 124/92 km Halmstad
    Everyone starts together at 12:10 from Norre Katts Park. The participant coming in first is expected to finish in Norre Katts Park around 3:20 pm. Awards ceremony presentation at 6 pm, Norre Katts Park.
  • Race 3, August 21, 80 km Simlångsdalen
    Everyone starts together at 11 am in Simlångsdalen. The participants coming in first are expected to be back in Simlångsdalen at 1:30 pm. Awards ceremony at 3:30 pm in Simlångsdalen.

For the latest updates on times and information about the races, visit the event website. External link, opens in new window.

View of Hotel Tylösand

View of Hotel Tylösand. Photo:

Find accommodations

In the city of Halmstad you will find lodgings for all tastes and wallets. You can choose to stay in the city center or close to nature, by a lake or by the sea.

Using our free ‘what’s available accommodations service,’ you can see where there is accommodation available during Gravel, Grit ‘n Grind.

More tips on accommodations in Halmstad

Halmstad Castle

Halmstad Castle

Activities and attractions

In Halmstad, we like to make life an art of living when we have the chance. And we certainly have both active and tranquil favorites. On our webpage “14 activities we love in Halmstad” you’ll find tips on all sorts of activities. Late summer is here. To squeeze the last out of summer, we’ve set up the “Late Summer in Halmstad – extend the summer” webpage, where you’ll find useful suggestions that are especially good for late summer. Catch the surf, get out into the forest, or experience standup paddleboarding; these experiences and much more await you. After an active day, treat yourself to a visit to one of Halmstad’s health spas. There are both central spas in the city center and spas overlooking the sea.

Try sports in the city

During Saturday, August 20, an association day (föreningsdagen) is also arranged in the cty. A day full of sports, culture and lots of other fun! You get the opportunity to try different sports and activities with the whole family. Here there is something for everyone regardless of age. See you in Norre katts park, Norre torg, Storgatan and Örjans Vall.


Of course there are great tourist attractions and things to see here in Halmstad. In Tylösand you will find the spectacular Tylösand Lifeguard Tower. In Halmstad centre you can admire the beautiful Halmstad City Library along the Nissan river, with a totally unique shape where the design of the building is based on location of the trees. Or immerse yourself in Danish-Swedish history at Halmstad Castle, also positioned on the Nissan river. These are just three of the 7 Wonders of Halmstad! Does the serenity and tranquility of the forest appeal to you? If so, take the time to explore some of the 7 Natural Wonders of Halmstad or head out into the beautiful nature of Simlångsdalen.

Explore the wide variety of what Halland has to offer

Allow the “A day in Halland” app guide you to experiences throughout Halland. Well-chosen local tips based on where in Halland you find yourself and what you might like to do. You’ll find everything from picnic spots and unique shops to bike trails and ice cream parlors – over twenty tasty lists. Plus, you’ll get an indication of places where there’s a risk of crowds – so that we can call enjoy touring new places, or taking a staycation, and comfortably vacation this summer.

You can also take a look at Visit Halland's website External link, opens in new window. for lots of good tips on things to do in Halland.

Friends are out cycling by the lifeguard tower in Tylösand

Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Cycling routes in Halmstad

In Halmstad we have a number of great cycling paths with varied destinations that offer a range of sights and places to visit. Both along the coast and inland. Take your bike and experience the unique atmosphere of Halmstad up close by cycling!

As the trails along the coast connect to those inland you can easily design your own combo bicycle tour. All the trails below pass the Castle Bridge at Halmstad Castle. Some of the trails also converge at other locations.

Inside the Asian Bank Office restaurant in Halmstad

Asian bank Office

Food and drink

Food and drink is not only about food and drink. It is tastes, smells and colors. Let yourself be seduced by the good life here in Halmstad. Enjoy it on a lovely outdoor terrace or sit down at a restaurant with a great view. If your palate needs an extra taste experience, we recommend our gourmet restaurants.

Seeking your meal to have sustainability and our local and global environment in mind, check out our sustainable cafés and restaurants. Also take the advantage of the possibility to visit some of Halmstad’s many farm shops. Local food! It doesn’t get more locally produced than that. For more restaurant and café suggestions to suit all tastes, visit our food and drink page.

 Bus in the center of Halmstad

Getting around in Halmstad

Arriving to Halmstad is easily accomplished by train, bus, car or airplane. And when you’re here, you can easily get around by bike, public transportation or car.

Bicycles and electric scooters

Looking to rent a bike or electric kick scooter? We’ve gathered information on various rental companies on the Getting around Halmstad page.

City bus

City buses are a great way to get around in Halmstad. You can find all the bus timetables and destinations on External link, opens in new window. Buy tickets easily via the Hallandstrafiken app. External link, opens in new window.

To go to Simlångsdalen, take bus 145 or 318 from Halmstad Resecentrum. Get off at the Simlångsdalen stop. The organizer will arrange a bus for participants to the race in Simlångsdalen. Contact the organizer for more information about this bus.

Norre Katts Park
From Halmstad travel center it is a 1.3 km walk to Norre Katts Park. You can also take city bus 7 or regional bus 316, 351, or 401 from Halmstad travel center to Norre Katts Park. Get off at the Norre port stop. City bus 6 and regional bus 340 also stop at Norre port.

Roads closed to traffic

Some roads will be closed during the event on August 19–22, 2022. See below which roads are affected and when. Pay extra attention on roads in connection with the competition and follow instructions from our safety officials for the best experience for participants, spectators and local residents.

Closed roads on Friday 19/8 2022

  • Laxövägen, closed 10.45–12.15
  • Tegelbruksvägen, limited accessibility 11.00–12.15
  • Göteborgsvägen (at Stentorpsskolan), limited accessibility 11.00–12.30
  • Vägen förbi Wapnö IF, limited accessibility11.00–12.30
  • Flottiljvägen, limited accessibility 11.00–12.30
  • Stendahlsvägen (Galgberget), limited accessibility 11.00–12.45
  • Danska vägen (Galgberget), begränsad framkomlighet 11.15–12.45
  • Skjutbanevägen, limited accessibility 11.15–12.45
  • Burmeistervägen, limited accessibility 11.15–12.45
  • Sofiebergsvägen, begränsad framkomlighet 11.30–13.00
  • Göteborgsvägen (Kärleken), limited accessibility 11.30–13.00
  • Högelid, limited accessibility 11.30–13.00
  • Kastanjéallén, closed 11.00–13.00

Closed roads on Saturday 20/8 2022

  • Laxövägen, closed 11.00–12.20
  • Sperlingsholmsvägen, limited accessibility 12.05–1225
  • Ålängesvägen at Arlösa, limited accessibility 12.15– 12.40
  • Road 680 between Torup och Gräsås, limited accessibility 14.30–16.30
  • Kastanjéallén, closed 15.00–18.00
  • Flottiljvägen, begränsad framkomlighet 15.15–17.30
  • Danska vägen (Galgberget), limited accessibility 15.15–17.30
  • Högelid, limited accessibility 15.15–17.30
  • Noréensvägen (Galgberget) limited accessibility 15.15–17.30
  • Carlavägen (Galgberget) blimited accessibility 15.15– 17.30

Closed roads on Sunday 21/8 2022

  • Mahultsvägen, road 650 at Simlångsdalens IP, closed 10.00–11.10. Traffic is referred to Kyrkvägen, road 638, Simlångsdalen.
  • Mahultsvägen from Simlångsdalen to Mahult, limited accessibility 11.00–11.15.

Car parking

We recommend that you use public transport, cycle or walk to the event. If you need to take your car, you can park in the following locations.

Halmstad city
There are several parking spaces to choose from in the city center. On you can see all municipal parking areas (swe). External link, opens in new window. You can pay the parking fee by debit card, text message or the Easypark External link, opens in new window. or Parkster External link, opens in new window. apps. However in Combihuset the app Mobilpark External link, opens in new window. is used.

Below we have listed the car parks near Norre Katts Park, as well as the distance from the car park to Norre Katts Park.

Parking in Simlångsdalen is available at Simlångsdalen's IP.

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