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How do you want to experience Halmstad during the winter? Here we list some of the winter event highlights in Halmstad. Also check out our winter page for more wintery Halmstad tips.

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Photo from the exhibition Cellebrations at The Photogallery in Halmstad

Anniversary exhibition (CELEB)RATION

Until 24 February 2024, The Photogallery
The Photogallery is now celebrating 10 years by inviting you to an anniversary exhibition featuring some of our most sought-after photographers and a solid collection of "celebrity photos". Captured moments and events that have had a major impact on history and culture. We also show exciting new photographs portrayed of our future icons. "The best of" quite simply. A collective exhibition (CELEB)RATION!

Edvin Törnblom

The gay is loose (in the stomach)

11 January 2024, Halmstad Theatre
The gay is loose (in the stomach) is a humorous show monologue in which Edvin Törnblom describes what it has been like to grow up gay and human during the 00s. We get to see absolutely everything from drag shows with Ebba Busch to numbers about confusedly trying to find your place in a world full of crazy people. Were there gay Vikings? What exactly is a toad ring? And why does Edvin have a candy syringe under the bed? That and much more in the gay is loose (in the stomach).

Les Miserable

The Music of Les Misérables in Concert

30 January 2024, Halmstad Theatre
Les Misérables in Concert The masterpiece by Boublil/Schönberg is on a European tour. Cinema Festival Symphonics with soloists from London's West End, singers and musicians. Artistic director: Stephen Ellery With scenes from the hit film from 2012. It is with great excitement that the entire orchestra enters the stage.

Art by Bærtling

From Bærtling to Multikonst

Until 26 May 2024, Halland Art Museum
Even today, many are attracted by the colorful patterns and characteristic furniture designs of the 1950s and 1960s. Design whose expression and coloring are very close to the abstract art of the time. In the exhibition From Bærtling to Multikonst, we get to follow abstract art from being difficult to access for the general public to becoming part of the public home.

Handball club Drotts logo

Handball doubles matches

10 and 24 February 2024, Halmstad Arena
A few times a year, the Drott handball club plays doubles matches at Halmstad Arena. On February 10 and 24, it's time again. Cheer on both the men and women on the same day.

The hero from Tylösand, poster image

The Hero From Tylösand

17–24 February 2024, Kulturhuset Najaden
Halmstad, late summer 1952. In the aged gentleman Otto Grönberg's home out in Tylösand, preparations are being made for a wedding. However, the one who is getting married is not, as one might think, the long-grown-up daughter of the house. No, it's Otto himself! And the bride is younger than his daughter... A farce by Franz Arnold & Ernst Bach. In collaboration with ATR.



23 February 2024, Halmstad Theatre
One of Sweden's biggest rock bands, Takida, goes out once again on an acoustic tour, Boxroom. There will be 21 gigs around the country and on February 23 the tour will reach Halmstad Teater!


Bamse and the pirates

Until 24 February 2024, The Photogallery
A warm welcome to a newly written theater performance about the hunt for the lost treasure with Bamse and Lille Skutt in the lead roles. Bamse og Sjörövarskatten is an exciting and fast-paced show for the whole family. Bamse and Little Skutt head to the South Sea, after finding a forgotten old treasure map in Grandma's attic.

The little Mermaid

Den Lilla Sjöjungfrun – The Musical

March 3, 2024, Halmstad Theatre
star Kiana Blanckert stars in "The Little Mermaid - The Musical" with its Swedish premiere on March 1, 2024. The ambitious production, which takes place both at sea and on land, is produced by the production company Dröse & Norberg.

Handball Final4

Handball – ATG Swedish Cup Final4

9 and 10 March, Halmstad Arena
Starting with the 2023–2024 season, the ATG Swedish Cup will be decided in a combined arrangement, Final4, with semi-finals, match for 3rd prize and final. It is done during the same weekend in the same arena in the women's and men's playoffs. This year, the men's Final4 will be decided on March 9–10 in Halmstad Arena.

Hand håller upp telefon och filmar under konsert

Foto: Piotr Pia Trouski, Mostphotos

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