Events – summer highlights

How would you like to experience Halmstad during the summer? Here we list some of the summer event highlights in Halmstad. Also check out our summer page for more summer tips in Halmstad. Or contact Halmstad Tourist Center for tips during your visit.

  • Exhibition, Culture at Halmstad castle
    Selected days throughout the summer, Halsmtad castle
  • Exhibition, Halmstadgruppen
    June 4–September 15, Halmstad Art Museum
  • Exhibition, Albert Watson
    5 June–15 September, The Photogallery
  • Halmstad Sports Cer event
    29 June, Simstadion Brottet
  • Carola
    July 3, Hotel Tylösand
  • Halmstad pad(d)elfest 2024
    4–6 July, Örjans vall
  • Gullbranna Festival
    4–7 July, Gullbrannagården
  • Outdoor summer cinema
    4, 1 and 18 July, Norre Katts park
  • Nordic folkboat gold cup
    6–12 July, Småbåtsgatan 3
  • Darin
    10 July, Hotel Tylösand
  • After beach
    All summer, Hotel Tylösand
  • Beer tasting
    12 July–17 August, Halmstad Brewery
  • Lars Winnerbäck
    July 13, Simstadion Brottet
  • Diggiloo 2024
    July 14, Örjans vall
  • International Food Market in Halmstad
    17–20 July, Stora torg (Main square)
  • Molly sand
    July 17, Hotel Tylösand
  • Lifeguard Day
    July 19, the beach in Tylösand
  • Benjamin Ingrosso
    July 19, Simstadion Brottet
  • Kim wilde
    July 24, Hotel Tylösand
  • Danny Saucedo
    July 31, Hotel Tylsand
  • Inernational street theater festival
    1–4 August, around Halmstad
  • We love 90s
    3 August, Hotel Tylösand
  • Gravel, Grit 'n Grind
    16–18 August, Halmstad
  • Grötvik stonemasons days
    17–18 August, Grötvik quarry
  • The fireworks festival
    21–24 August, Norre katt's park
  • Halmstad opera & vocal festival 2024
    30 August–1 September, Halmstad

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You can find all events throughout the year on Halmstad events calendar. The calendar is in Swedish. If you would like to receive information in English, please contact the Halmstad Tourist Centre.

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