Enjoy Halmstad

This summer's big investment is here, Enjoy Halmstad. With lots of participating companies and places to visit, you as Halmstad resident and visitor will be able to experience Halmstad in a new and exciting way.

Revel in a well-stocked Bucket List or keep an eye out for some crazy combinations that evoke both expatriate feeling and curiosity. For 92 days we make sure that every day counts! Enjoy Halmstad 1 June‑31 August 2021.

Climber in Grötvik in Halmstad

Crazy Combos

Discover new parts of Halmstad through unexpected and sometimes a little crazy combinations.

 Surfer on the beach in Halmstad

The Bucket List

This summer's big checklist for attractions and activities in Halmstad. Can you check everyone out during the summer?

 Restaurant Lillebror on Västra Strand in Halmstad

Summer time in Halmstad

Even more tips for your summer in Halmstad can be found on our page Summertimes hello page.

 Hot air balloon flying. The text Crazy combo over

Photo: Dreamballoon

Crazy Combos

Here you can see a selection of Crazy Combos. To always get the latest combinations follow EnjoyHalmstad on Instagram.

Forest walk & sunset

 Couple walking in the woods with a dog

Inland meets the coast. Get out and enjoy a wonderful forest walk and end the day with a beautiful sunset along the coast.

Go for a forest walk

See a beautiful sunset

Horses & Bubbles

 Horse with rider at sunset

Summer is here! In other words, reasons to have fun! And why not do it from horseback and then end the day with a wonderful glass of bubbly?

Horse experiences

Have a glass of bubbly

Culture & Cookies

 Halmstad castle tower

It's a good thing Halmstad has such delicious things to offer, both in culture and in cakes. Take the opportunity to experience something cultural and enjoy a really good cake.

Experience the culture

Enjoy cakes

Mini golf & troll hunting

 Children play mini golf

Photo. Gullbrannagården

Finally, the summer holidays are here and what better way than activity tips for all of us – big and small! Who wins the mini golf? And how many trolls are there to discover in Halmstad really?!

Play mini golf

Look for trolls

Watersports & Photography


Photo: Fotodanne.se

Children shop in the farm shop

Photo: Alexander Hall

The Bucket List

In The Bucket List you will find lots of tips on places to visit and things to experience this summer. The full list is available digitally below. The Bucket List is also available as a print-friendly PDF (Swe), Pdf, 92.7 kB, opens in new window. or you can download your copy at Halmstad Tourist Center.

Are you wondering where the places in the list are? No problem, we have put together a digital mapwith all the locations in The Bucket List deployed.

Symbol för plats

Places to visit (Swe)

Culture and history. Enjoy Halmstad has put together interesting places to visit and to take a break.

Symbol för kaffekopp

It´s fika-time (Swe)

Time for coffee. Find new and old gems in Enjoy Halmstad's coffee list.


Adventures to try (Swe)

Challenge yourself! Speed or calm. You are guaranteed to find a new challenge and experience to try.

Symbol för ost

Eat local (Swe)

Visit a farm shop and buy really locally grown products. Or why not locally roasted coffee?


Stop for some food (Swe)

Is it rumbling in your stomach? No problem! Enjoy Halmstad has put together a solid restaurant list for you.

Symbol för hjärta

Stay strong & healthy (Swe)

Treat yourself and your body a little extra care. Tips on lovely spas, workouts and treatments.

Symbol för shoppingkasse

Shopaholic (Swe)

Local unique shops are stocked with well-known chains. Here is something for everyone.

Symbol för hotellklocka

Go to sleep (Swe)

Treat yourself to a good night's sleep at one of Halmstad's accommodations – by the sea, in the city, in the countryside or in the forest.

Symbol för snorkel

Go for a swim (Swe)

45 kilometers of bathing-friendly coast. Here you can always take a dip in the blue. What's your favorite beach?

Symbol för kamera

Feeling artsy (Swe)

Take part in beautiful artistic decorations. Visit lovely studios. Buy with a nice home.

Symbol för gran

Nature lover (Swe)

Embark on Halmstad's beautiful nature. Revel in viewpoints, hiking trails and lovely places.

See all attractions from The Bucket List on a map

Information in the map is in Swedish. Click the icon in the top right corner of the map to open in Google Maps. To view and hide different layers, as well as to see all visitor categories, click on the icon in the top left corner of the map.

 People toast with glasses

Photo: Cortado Coffee Shop

Enjoy Halmstad on Instagram

To get the latest tips from Enjoy Halmstad, follow our Instagram account @enjoyhalmstad. External link, opens in new window. Here you will meet three different themes based on The Bucket List.

  • Crazy Combos mini-guides with a bit of untipped combinations, some you can also see above.
  • Rule #1 light-hearted prompts and listings.
  • What's on current events and activities.
    Danska fall

    Photo. Patrik Leonardsson

    About Turista Hemma och Enjoy Halmstad

    Turista Hemma is a project organized by Halmstad Tourist Center, which is part of Destination Halmstad (Swe). The goal is to get more Halmstad ambassadors who help us spread and inspire others to discover the surroundings. We hope that all people living in and around Halmstad get to know their city better and become more aware and proud of what there is to see, do and experience here.

    Turista Hemma had its new premiere in the spring of 2012 and was arranged until 2018 once a year. From spring 2022, Turista Hemma will usually be arranged twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. During the summer of 2020, a longer Corona adapted version of Turista Hemma was arranged instead. Also in the summer of 2021, the two occasions are replaced by a longer Turista Hemma. This time with the name Enjoy Halmstad.

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