Best summer ever

Summer is here at long last! We’re offering you loads of suggestions so you can make this your best summer ever, here in Halmstad! Best Summer Ever 2024 has started – and you’re welcome to the party!

All of Halmstad feels like one big festival area from May right into September. Check out our events calendar and you’ll see what we mean. It’s one event after the other – and the best thing about it is there’s something for every preference, every age. We’ve just let rip Best Summer Ever 2024 – come along for the ride and you have every chance of creating great summer memories.

Människor äter och umgås på restaurang

Foto: Andreas Svensson, West Photo

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    Suggestions for events this summer

    To help you choose, we’ve selected a bunch of particularly hot tips for your summer in Halmstad. There are even more suggestions in our overall events calendar in Swedish. Or you can contact Halmstad Tourist Center, where the staff will help you get a handle on what’s going on.

    • Exhibition, Culture at Halmstad castle
      Selected days throughout the summer, Halsmtad castle
    • Exhibition, Halmstadgruppen
      June 4–September 15, Halmstad Art Museum
    • Exhibition, Albert Watson
      5 June–15 September, The Photogallery
    • Halmstad Sports Cer event
      29 June, Simstadion Brottet
    • Carola
      July 3, Hotel Tylösand
    • Halmstad pad(d)elfest 2024
      4–6 July, Örjans vall
    • Gullbranna Festival
      4–7 July, Gullbrannagården
    • Outdoor summer cinema
      4, 1 and 18 July, Norre Katts park
    • Nordic folkboat gold cup
      6–12 July, Småbåtsgatan 3
    • Darin
      10 July, Hotel Tylösand
    • After beach
      All summer, Hotel Tylösand
    • Beer tasting
      12 July–17 August, Halmstad Brewery
    • Lars Winnerbäck
      July 13, Simstadion Brottet
    • Diggiloo 2024
      July 14, Örjans vall
    • International Food Market in Halmstad
      17–20 July, Stora torg (Main square)
    • Molly sand
      July 17, Hotel Tylösand
    • Lifeguard Day
      July 19, the beach in Tylösand
    • Benjamin Ingrosso
      July 19, Simstadion Brottet
    • Kim wilde
      July 24, Hotel Tylösand
    • Danny Saucedo
      July 31, Hotel Tylsand
    • Inernational street theater festival
      1–4 August, around Halmstad
    • We love 90s
      3 August, Hotel Tylösand
    • Gravel, Grit 'n Grind
      16–18 August, Halmstad
    • Grötvik stonemasons days
      17–18 August, Grötvik quarry
    • The fireworks festival
      21–24 August, Norre katt's park
    • Halmstad opera & vocal festival 2024
      30 August–1 September, Halmstad
    Tecknad festivalkarta

    Festival map

    Halmstad generates a wonderful, bubbly festival feel during the summer. The events are all close together, just like in a festival area. Let yourself be inspired by the festival map, and find your own favourites around town. Summer lasts longer in Halmstad. Download the festival map Pdf, 448.6 kB. or or check out the festival areas on the Swedish page. But remember that the festival map only shows a selection of events – the entire programme is available in our events calendar in Swedish. Or contact Halmstad Tourist Center, where the staff will help you get a handle on what’s going on.

     Concert with Gyllene Tider

    A golden summer

    Gyllene Tider (Golden times) never go out of style. This summer sees the release of Sommartider (summer times), a film about when the band made their breakthrough. And in Halmstad you can experience some of Gyllene Tider’s magic in the exhibition The Gyllene Tider Experience (opens after Midsummer’s). And if you miss the opening times of the exhibition, don’t despair! Just take a tour round Halmstad and listen to Halmstad Stories, External link, opens in new window. where two of the guides are about Gyllene Tider. Available from 12 June 2024.

    Person who listens to Halmstad Stories via mobile phone

    Halmstad Stories – Stories in your back pocket

    In time for summer we’ve launched Halmstad Stories – Stories in your back pocket. External link, opens in new window. Listen to audio stories about everything from castles to pop music. Just follow the map and get yourself a historical tour of the town. Strike out along Prins Bertil’s track, or get an insight into a Viking battle. Stroll around Hallandsgården or listen to Gyllene Tider’s journey towards sold-out gigs. You decide where along the walk you want to stop for a while. Each stop has an audio story, plus images, text and a map – and in many cases video clips.

    People run into the sea in Halmstad

    Photo: Joakim Leihed

    Great summer grounds

    Halmstad summers are always lovelier. What with the long sandy beaches, cool leafy woods, cosy outdoor cafés and restaurants, and loads of activities to do. As well as the non-stop events programme, of course. Check it out below. Keep scrolling down for even more summery suggestions if you want to get that extra high from your Halmstad summer.

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