Welcome to Halmstad Convention Bureau

welcome to halmstad convention bureau

Are you an organiser, and want to place an event or meeting in Halmstad? Then you’ve come to the right place! We at Halmstad Convention Bureau work with recruiting new and developing annual events and meetings in Halmstad and we guide organisers and organisations throughout the arrangement process.

If you’re a member of a locally based organisation or association and want to host an event or meeting in Halmstad, we can help you with everything from finding facilities to acquiring permits.

We are experts on Halmstad, it’s capacity and possibilities, and we are here to help you as an organiser all the way from concept to realisation, completely free of charge. Our goal together with the industry of Halmstad is to develop our destination into becoming a stronger event- and meeting venue.

Halmstad Convention Bureau is a way in, and we will be the only contact you will need throughout the process of arranging an event or a meeting. We provide you with advice and guidance along the way, and we are happy to help you, from planning to execution. Please contact us to find out more.