Stora skepp i kaj i strålande solsken

Marinfestivalen 2010 Halmstad, femte året i rad

Simning SM-veckan 2011

SM-veckan 2011 Halmstad, 20 deltagande idrotter

Orienterar in action på strand

O-ringen 2012 Halmstad, 21 172 orienterare

Fotbollsmatch damer

Uefa Dam-EM 2013 Halmstad, 1 av 7 värdstäder

our experience - makes it easier for you

Halmstad has many years of experience and extensive expertise in managing national and international events and meetings. The people of Halmstad welcome your event, and are always happy to help. The experience and expertise we possess at Destination Halmstad and Halmstad CVB makes it easier for you as an organiser or host, and our journey towards a memorable event. And of course, lots more enjoyable and fun!

We have chosen Halmstad:
The Solheim Cup 2007, SOF Annual Conference 2008, The Marine Festival 2006 - 2010, UEFA U21-EM 2009, Kirurgveckan 2009, The Tall Ships Races 2011, SM-veckan 2011, SOIs Annual Conference 2011, Företagarnas Nationella Kongress 2012, O-ringen 2012, UEFA Dam-EM 2013, SM-veckan 2013, Professionell Idrott 2013, Dinosaurium The Exhibition 2013, FLISA 2014, Titanic The Exhibition 2014, Legends Tour 2015, LIEBHERR Men’s World Cup 2015, Game Masters The Exhibition 2015, FSBS Annual Conference 2015, European Amateur Team Championship 2015, SFOP Annual Conference 2015, MHF Tylösandsseminariet 2015, SSNf Annual Conference 2016, Sport Futura 2016, Melodifestivalen 2016 - Andra chansen, Monet to Cezanne 2016,
Skolkuratordagarna 2016, CEPS 2016, The Tall Ships Races 2017, World Team Table Tennis Championships 2018