easy to travel here

You can travel to the central parts of Halmstad by train, bus, car or plane, and two hours from here lays the international airports in Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

Halmstad is just a one-hour flight from Stockholm, or a one-hour drive or train ride from Gothenburg or Malmö. With daily departures between Stockholm (Bromma and Arlanda airport) and Halmstad (Halmstad City Airport), you can swiftly and easily travel between the cities. You can find information regarding departures on www.halmstadcityairport.se.

If you want to travel by train, Stockholm is 4 ½ hours away, Gothenburg and Malmö about an hour and 15 minutes respectively, and the international Kastrup airport in Copenhagen about 2 hours. Read more about the train connections on www.sj.se and www.oresundstag.se.

Are you travelling by bus or car you go by the E6 Highway, which spans from Kirkenäs in the north to Trelleborg in the south.