marketing guide

Here, you as an organiser will find tips on different marketing channels with a high range, to reach your target group. The moderate size and strategic location of Halmstad makes it easy to arrange an event or meeting that doesn’t disappear in the crowd.

We at Halmstad Convention Bureau are here to help you with your planning, and besides this Marketing Guide there is also the Event Guide and the Permission Guide with tips and advice.

PGA Halmstad Ladies Open

Event Guide
If your event or meeting (with more than 50 participants) is open for the public, the Destination Halmstad Event Calendar online is an important and free-of-charge channel to reach out to local, national and international visitors.

Register your event here


JC Decaux billboards
The municipality of Halmstad has 36 billboards around the city, courtesy of the municipality. These can be used at bigger cooperations, and the advertisement is shown for two weeks at a time, with switches every other Sunday.

Inquiry is made to

JC Decaux also have their own advertising spaces. Inquiries for these are made to JC Decaux Sweden: Malmö: +4640 474 83 00
Gothenburg: +4631 474 83 00


Digital signs by the E6 Highway
At the buisy E6 Highway south and north exits to Halmstad, there are digital LED signs placed with the purpose of making Halmstad visible, and to inform potential visitors about events and meetings implemented in Halmstad. Events and meetings with a high public interest have the opportunity to be shown here.

The message cannot be of a commercial kind, and it is shown the days you book it, along with the signature Halmstad. The Communication Department of Destination Halmstad permits the message and exposure of the signs, and comes with a cost. If the message and date is approved, a notification will be sent out by e-mail within a week after inquiry.

Send your notice of interest to destinationhalmstad@halmstad.se

Halmstad Arena
As an organiser at Halmstad Arena you are offered many opportunities to market your event. When signing a lease, marketing online and through social channels are always included. Halmstad Tourist Service can help you putting your event up for ticket sales at Ticnet.

Marketing through Halmstad Arena:

  • Digital sign outside Halmstad Arena
  • Flags outside the main entrance
  • Banners In the Piazza
  • TV-screens, posters and a spot in the Event Calendar

For questions and booking, e-mail kai.kvemo@halmstad.se or call +4635 15 27 54

For more details and contacts, visit
Halmstad Arena

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Banners in the city centre
Along Storgatan, the boulevard of Halmstad, there are possibilities to market your event with banners. Banners are very suitable for big events, and the municipality of Halmstad has a number of hooks and wires for attachment.

For questions and booking, contact hans.ripen@halmstad.se

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Spots for advertising signs
At six strategically chosen spots along the streets of Halmstad you can advertise your event with various advertising signs, such as regular signs or “sandwich boards”. To be able to market at these spots you will need a police permit. The spots are:

  • Slottsjordsvägen, by the Alevallen roundabout
  • Växjövägen, by Halmstad Arena
  • Wrangelsgatan, by Furulundsskolan
  • Laholmsvägen, by Trade Center
  • Laholmsvägen, by Verkstadsgatan
  • Karlsrovägen, by the Flygstaden roundabout
  • The Airport, Halmstad City Airport

For more information about the spots, visit www.halmstad.se

To apply for permission, visit www.polisen.se

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Halmstad Theatre

Halmstad Theatre provides many advertising spaces, for example online, on Facebook, TV-screens, posters and flagpoles outside of the theatre.

For questions and booking, e-mail patrik.skold@halmstad.se or call +4635 13 73 90

PGA Halmstad Ladies Open

Poster pillars
Around Halmstad there are ten poster pillars situated, where you as an organiser can market your event or meeting. You put your advertisement where there is space, and only one advertisement per pillar. The pillars are maintained by a sub-organisation to the municipality of Halmstad.

For more information, visit www.halmstad.se

PGA Halmstad Ladies Open

Advertising in the local press, magazines and the movie theatre
Here are some tips on advertising in the local press, magazines, movie theatres and radio in our area:

  • Hallandsposten with the attachments Hallands Affärer and Sommar Halland (local morning paper)
  • Halmstad 7 dagar
  • SF Bio, Halmstad Röda Kvarn (movie theatre)
  • P4 Halland, Sveriges Radio (radio channel)
  • Vamé
  • 24Halmstad (web/mobile)
  • Radio Halmstad 88,6

Other channels
After Destination Halmstad’s assessment whether the event or meeting is public and of public interest there are other channels to advertise in:

  • Newsletter B2B
  • Newsletter to sponsors
  • Newsletter to former ticket buyers
  • Networks within the municipality of Halmstad, where Destination Halmstad is a member
  • Send-outs to cultural and sports organisations
  • Send-outs to organisations at Halmstad Arena
  • Advertising in Destination Halmstad’s tourist map, magazine, event leaflet etcetera

For questions and booking, contact sarah.forss@halmstad.se

For Destination Halmstad’s channels listed above, the company reserves the right to prioritise and communicate the events and meetings, which reaches a large public interest. Destination Halmstad is present in the social media on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Steller. Halmstad Convention Bureau is on Twitter. If you are interested, click on the icons for social media at the top of the site.

When signing an agreement of ticket sales with Halmstad Tourist Service through Ticnet, some marketing at Destination Halmstad’s site and channels are included.