Can I be a host?

Are you sometimes attending national and international conferences? Are you an active member of an organisation? Are you interested in taking on the hosting? Then you can be the next local host! We at Halmstad Convention Bureau are here for you, to guide you through your planning and to give you advice.

Many people have understood the value of implementing an event or a conference in their hometown. Right now there are Convention Bureaus in 23 different cities in Sweden, which increases the competition of where an upcoming event of conference is going to be held. Larger events and conferences also has their own routines on how it is decided where an event should be held. The main requirement is however, that a city has to be invited by a local host to be considered to be the host city.

Hosting is about inviting and to control the agenda of the event or conference. A local host is not required to know every single detail about the event or conference, that’s what we are here for. By hosting an event or a conference, focus is on your business or organisation. The contacts and relationships you create during an event or conference can lead to new steps in your professional life.

There are many reason to why you should be a local host, it can for example help in the development of your organisation’s internationalisation, and ultimately it can facilitate recruitment, financing opportunities, skill development and most important of all, create pride amongst members and staff!