To host an event or meeting brings many benefits for you, your business, research and for Halmstad.

Benefits for you
During a congress or and event, you will take part of the latest news concerning the topic in question, which will provide you with skill development and important knowledge. A congress or an event is an excellent opportunity to meet leading figures within the field, and to build relationships with likeminded. You will quickly establish new contacts, and develop a national and international network, which can be of great use in your work. The new contacts and relationships created on a congress can lead to new heights in your career.

Benefits for your organisation 
Going away on a congress or an event requires both time and financial resources, but arranging a congress or an event at home creates opportunity for significantly more staff to participate and share the knowledge, which increases the feeling of solidarity in the work place, and provides you with skill development.

Attracting new members or staff to your business if it’s not known can be difficult, but a successful event or conference within your subject area creates excellent opportunities to show off both your business and Halmstad, and to recruit members and suitable staff.

Being a host really sets the focus on your business. An appealing program and reputable guests can make your event interesting to the media, and the marketing- and PR-effect affects your business, sport or subject area in many positive ways. An event or a conference with international participants or guests, or with world leading lecturers, creates opportunities to create relations and cooperation across the borders. An event or a conference isn’t just a cost-effective way to create skill development for your staff, but a successful event or conference also leaves you with an economic surplus. The bigger events creates a large economic revenue and work opportunities for Halmstad.

Benefits for your research
A conference is an excellent opportunity to establish contacts and to build a network within your research field. A conference often results in the business sector discovering the use of your research, which increases your chances of a long-term cooperation, economic support and financing from the business sector. A conference is also an effective way of communicating and spreading the knowledge of the research within your field, and to gather new knowledge.

Benefits for Halmstad
Events and meetings can in many ways contribute to the development of Halmstad, with more job opportunities, new residents, increased resources regarding research, skill development within the university and a vibrant cityscape with filled arenas, streets and meeting facilities. All of this, and much more, make Halmstad a city under constant development.

Cities and municipalities can benefit both direct and indirect of arranging events and meetings. For a medium-sized city as Halmstad, both small and large events and meetings affect businesses significantly, and create job opportunities in several industries, such as restaurants, hotels, public transport and taxi services, university, culture, construction and other.