Welcome to Halmstad

welcome to halmstad!

All year round, organizations, associations and companies select Halmstad to be the spot of theri event or meeting. In Halmstad you'll find a number of arenas, venues and facilities with large capacity and a varied range of accommodation.

We at Halmstad Convention Bureau are all here to help you as an organizer to get as good decision-basis as possible, and also to support you as the local host. We are pleased to show our city, our facilities, venues and accommodations, all to make the very best out of your event or meeting. It should be easy to arrange in Halmstad.

The meeting industry is today a significant part of Sweden's tourism industry, please read the unique report in which Halmstad is involved, published by SNCVB, the Swedish Network of Convention Bureaus.

Halmstad Convention Bureau is a professional partner for you who are planning to hold an event or meeting in our city.


We are here for you as an organizer or host. Contact us at Halmstad Convention Bureau to help you in your planning of your event or meeting, advise you and to find the perfect venue. Please contact us if you are interested, we are just a phone call away, and our duties are for free.

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